Sunday, September 11, 2016

NYG Week Part 7:The $85 Million Dollar Man

When I busted my box of Donruss a few weeks ago, the one base card I wanted the most was of the Giants prize landing in the offseason, Mr. $85 Million Dollar man, Olivier Vernon.
His preseason rocked and I can't wait til he hits the field today vs Dallas. Hopefully he will take Prescott down a few times as that is what he was paid to do. With his speed rush alongside JPP (who seems to be better now with a year after the finger incident) the Giants defense seems destined for big things. 
But, today, will tell a story on how big and far they might go with a high-powered offense playing them.

Also, today is September 11th. I would like to remind everyone to take a minute in remembrance for those who were lost on that tragic day and for those who are still risking their lives today (and those who may have lost them) because of that day.


  1. I don't think he'll be taking down Romo today. I'm excited for football as well. Go Cardinals!

    1. Lol. I just fixed that. I wrote this over 3 weeks ago and forgot to update it. I remembered to update the other posts when guys got cut. Forgot to on this one lol. Thanks for the catch. But I agree, go Cardinals (cause I hate the pats)