Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ozzie Albies Mail Day

For the first time in awhile, my mail box actually contained something yesterday. I not only got that surprising mail day from @JGfan24ever I shared yesterday, but I also got my mail day from Sports Card Info from a recent contest he held.

First off, he threw in this really cool piece of sport card blogger memorabilia. This will be displayed with my Rodney Hampton sketch card from Baseball Card Breakdown

And here is the main prize. Ozzie Albies rookie jersey auto from Bowman Inception. I don't know much about prospects, but I do like to prospect lol. What does that mean, I basically try to get a rookie card of everyone I can. If they are an auto, jersey or auto jersey, it's a bonus.

But, I did hear from a friend yesterday that this guy could be the Braves starting 2nd baseman next year but did recently just get hurt. So who knows. Either way, solid looking card other than his sloppy auto.
A really nice mail day from Sports Card Info and a huge thanks goes out to him for it. I also appreciate the bonus!
If you haven't checked out his blog, he has some unique segments like Pin-Up Of The Week (it's not what you are thinking it may be), good reviews and a always a card of the day post. Not to mention, weekly contests that are very easy to enter.

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