Thursday, September 29, 2016

Remnants Of A Yard Sale Breakdown Part 1

Yesterday, I posted a new round of yard sale boxes that my mother-in-law picked up and now here is what I was able to save. There were a lot of damaged cards with corners and rubber band marks, but there were also some really good saves. I think this yard sale find overall was my best of the year.

But, I will let you guys help be the judge of it.

So out of probably one or two thousand cards, this was all I was able to keep. The rest will be donated, some trashed and some given to kids at my yard sales.

 Once again there were way too many cards to take pictures of , so I only took the best of the best.

Up first, Collect A Books of LT and John Elway. I didn't have either so they were nice adds for this 90's guy.

Older SI For Kids cards, a Johnny Damon Minor League card and an Al Leiter rookie.

Some football inserts. I was always a fan of the MVP's out of Collectors Choice. Even got one of my favorite players in TD.

Star Quest and a couple more nice Collectors Choice inserts. The Star Quest came in many levels but I only found the basics here.

More football inserts. The Wilkinson had some weird numbering on the back.

Minted In Canton parallels. Sapp was a nice find.


Gary Payton rookie was a nice find. The Gold Ultra Medallion hockey card was the only hockey card of the bunch.

Not sure what these Reggie Miller cards are. They were small and torn apart like out of a magazine. I am sure one of you will comment and let me know!

And to end today's part, our once Presidential Leader. Dig finding oddballs like this.

This is just part one of the finds and like I said, I didn't post all. I feel today's allotment above alone is worth the $5 to me. Maybe not to everyone. 

Part 2 is posting tomorrow and thoughts on today's part are welcomed in comments!


  1. EEEK DON'T TRASH ANY. Recycle if possible.

  2. Don't ever throw cards away! I will take them no matter what condition they are in! The miller cards appear to be from the Quads insert in 1996 Skybox USA.

  3. I should probably correct myself when I say throw away. I am normally someone who would never ever do that. But there were just a handful
    of cards that were so bad off and mangled, that there was no value left or much of a card. If it was at all save able I would have. It's hard for me to toss any card.