Friday, September 2, 2016

SURPRISE! You Win A Dan Marino Autographed Football!

I, just like many others, have Facebook to visit with friends near and far away. I also have Facebook to enter contests from many local companies and even some far away. But, I don't like to enter as many far away not knowing who they. Yes, I have trust issues.

However, when one of those "suggested ads" popped up for SIG Auctions and noted a big giveaway, I said, "Well, why not?"

It was obviously the best choice I ever made.

The contest was for a Dan Marino autographed football and all you had to do was LIKE and SHARE the status for their upcoming auction. I did just that and never saw a winner announcement so I assumed either it was a sham or that I didn't win.

Well, to my surprise, I checked my "other inbox" on Facebook, something I only do weekly, and saw a message that I was the winner. I was still in disbelief and couldn't believe they were giving this away for FREE. So I messaged my address not sure if I would ever see it and a week later this came PSA certified....

I still can't believe it. It's also my first signed football so it was an added bonus. 
However, I wasn't so sure about keeping it stored in a ziplock so I went to BCW's website and picked up one of these snazzy BCW Acrylic Football Displays to display it in.
The mirror backdrop is cool.
Even after a few weeks I am still stunned to see this in my man-cave when I walk by it. A big thanks goes out to SIG Auctions for the signed ball and I suggest you go LIKE them on Facebook as well as you will never know when the next big giveaway may be.

Thoughts on my newest addition are welcomed!


  1. Congrats on the prize. You should play the littery! ..and remember that I suggested it if you win, haha.

  2. Very nice! Good/honest people still exist.