Friday, October 14, 2016

It's About Time....

After 8 days of wondering where my other card was in my trade with @JGfan24ever because of an USPS forwarding error, it showed me an update on Wednesday and was in my hands yesterday. It had disappeared like Sterling Shepard the last couple of games.
Speaking of Sterling Shepard, finally got in hand my very first NY Giants autograph of him and my second overall autograph. Not to mention, my very first memorabilia card of him to in this combo.

There was also something a bit funky about the swatch on this card. It appears there is a Y bulge in the swatch. Now, at first I thought maybe a wrinkle from when the swatch was put in but it was really hard under the Y like a rock. The back of the card shows no damage so it's not like something had been attempted to shove through it but something has to be under it or maybe it's just a seam from the jersey or a nicer patch on the opposite side. Will never know but it's a pretty unique first in my collection.

So before I continue on and give you a guys a hobby topic with this card, first I must thank @JGfan24ever, again for the sweet Sterling Shepard card and trade. I look forward to making future deals with you.

Second, what's the longest you had to wait from the USPS for a package that either got forwarded or lost in the mail?

Third, what do you think is up with my patch?

Leave your thoughts below!


  1. Longest I've waited? I'm still waiting on a redemption from Fleer... UD never gave me all the cards I redeemed either. They no longer have the NBA license and I no longer remember what it even was so I don't expect to get it. And of course, Fleer is just gone. The USPS has never made any mistakes for me, ever. Of course, my family has worked for the USPS since the 1950s, too.

  2. Almost 7 weeks. Bought a card from a friend and after investigation it disappeared inside a facility between a scanning machine and the next sort stop. After raising holy he'll to offices in 3 different states it showed up without any scan updates along the way.