Sunday, October 2, 2016


A week or so ago, @DJSeneseiNJ on Twitter contacted me and said he found some NY Giants cards to send me just because. I wasn't going to say no of course and provided my address.

Yesterday, a good stack of Giants arrived so let's take a gander.

Some 90's fun in this mix including Thomas Lewis who follows me on Twitter by the way :)

Travis Beckum rookie, I expected a lot more out of him but the Giants haven't really had a dominating tight end since the other guy in this group in Shockey played. He was a fierce competitor on the field for sure!

I haven't ever seen these. Great looking cards and got all of my Giants favorites.

Parallel too. Really nice looking set.

Some other Giants I haven't seen in the game ones. My first ever Dusty Zeigler add.

I always loved this base card and only Upper Deck could capture something like this. I hope that Odell will be doing this in 2017 :)

Hamptons! And to my surprise, a new one in the Rhett/Hampton! Yesssssss! Hampton 411.

And to end the mail day, another auto for my Giants autograph collection. Well, I call it an auto but some may call that a scribble. Wow, his signature will probably go on the list of worst all time.
Overall, a HUGE thank you to @DJSeneseiNJ for his generosity in sending me these. If you have Twitter and don't follow him, I suggest you do. He has contests and likes to interact with other collectors.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed in comments!

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