Saturday, October 15, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 15:Plated

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.
Okay, I have many PC's. Some you see as obvious ones like NY Giants. Some, not so much as I don't speak of them often. Well, that's because they are 1/1's.

I collect Printing Plates and have for some time. I have roughly 20 or so (through trades and pulls) making it a small PC but a fun side one. I don't feel they make the same impact or have the same value they used to in the hobby, but I still like them. It's where every card begins.

Project Pedro had four to offer and I took all of them. Today I am showcasing just two as the other two are autographed versions which will come up soon.

My first plate is a good addition of former Panthers and current Packers DE/OLB Julius Peppers. I think this one may be the most impressive looking one I have since it's framed. I hadn't seen one like this before.

My second is of former Vikings and many other teams QB Christian Ponder. Not the best player, but a plate is a plate.
Still more to come on this trade including a biggie at the end.
For today, let me know your thoughts on Printing Plates and whether you collect them or not in comments.

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