Sunday, October 9, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 9: NY Giants Takeover!

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

Today's round of cards don't have to be autographed or have a jersey swatch, sometimes just a simple rookie or numbered card is enough for me.

So there is plenty in here to view.

My first Bear Pascoe rookie is among this group.

Some numbered former Giants here. I will always still be a Jacobs fan. Watching that guy plow down a defender was always fun.

Hakeem Nicks. This guy was so underrated for years. Had one bad year with no TD's for the Giants and all of a sudden can't keep a job. The guy had great hands and brought some memorable moments to especially in the 2012 playoffs when he outdid Atlanta by himself and took down the mighty Packers too. Especially that Hail Mary to end the first half.

This sadly may be my first Gifford Giants card and a nice numbered refractor of Manningham in this two card group too.

To finish it off is a trio of numbered cards including Simms and Eli.
Surprisingly most of these are new and what aren't have numbering so it's still a new PC card.
Speaking of that, if you have two of the same card let's say numbered to 500. Do you consider those two separate cards or one card in your PC count? Let me know your thoughts below!
Tomorrow will mark the first box breakdown from the trade. So stay tuned for that!

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  1. I consider numbered cards from the same print run to be the same card. Like for a Topps Gold Refractor numbered out of # / 50, I will see # 03 / 50 as being the same card as # 04 / 50.