Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Jammin JD Sports Cards Card-Tacular Contest Promo

Jammin JD Sports Cards has released a new website and to celebrate you guys will be rewarded heavily!

Over the next 4 weeks you will be seeing a weekly contest with prizes. The more you enter, the more it puts you in the pot to win one of these two Grand Prizes such as....

1.       2016 Clear Vision Hobby Box
2.       Jammin Retro Crate – 6-8 Retro Packs
So you're looking at some sweet mojo.

Each contest you enter earns you 1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing. One of those entry weeks could earn you up to 5 entries, but you will have to stay tuned on how to do that. Overall you could earn 8 entries into the Grand Prize contest that will be decided by an drawing. Jammin JD Sports Cards and myself will both keep a record of entry count on our sites so you can see how many you have weekly.

The other good part about this promo, this is only Jammin JD Sports Card Promo contest 2.0, 2.1 will come at a later date! So make sure you come back for that as well.

I must also mention that U.S. and Canadian friends alike are allowed to enter in these contests!

So stay tuned as the contests will begin on Sunday and please start spreading the word!

While you wait for the fun to begin, go check out Jammin JD Sports Cards NEW site, HERE.There is a lot to offer such as Retro Packs, Singles, Vintage and even Pokemon.


  1. I've been following him on Youtube so I'm eager for the contest!

    1. Good luck! He is a great guy. Very generous of him to do this.

  2. Sweet contest! Looking forward to it!

  3. Great contest lookin forward to this.