Friday, November 25, 2016

Breakin Wax:1997 Skybox Premium Football Pack Break

Today may be Black Friday to some, but to me, it's Retro Wax Day. I plan on showing off three of my retro pack breaks today from my Jammin JD Sports Cards retro crate break.

So let's kick it off!

If you collected 90's football cards, I would strongly assume you heard of Skybox Premium. I know it was one of my favorites especially between 1995-1999.

Today's break takes us back to 1997.

In every pack of 1997 Skybox Premium football, you will find 8 cards. Packs run for $2.95 and can be found at the Jammin JD Sports Cards site, HERE.

The base cards are full of color. I like how the names are embossed with a shine. Really brings the cards to life. Not a big fan, but a nice find in Sanders here.

I always felt Chris Warren was underrated and didn't get enough attention for his skills. Probably because he played for Seattle which wasn't the best team in the 90's.

1997 had a pretty solid rookie class with the names of Jake Plummer and Warren Dunn, but I got John Allred instead. Oh well. At least it's a rookie card.

And my final card was this letter. If you were lucky enough to spell out the word with them, you sent them in and got a cool autographics prize!
Overall, not a great pack break, but I would definitely do it again. Some of the best 90's cards can be found in here. Tough to pull /50 Rubies parallels and 1:72 odds on Autographics. Can't believe I would put the words of something /50 being a tough pull looking at today's products haha!

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