Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Chainsaw Massacre

As most kids watched PBS and other educational programs growing up, my mom always turned on the horror movies and I just happened to either be in the room or walk by when they were on. At that time, they had my attention. Yes, I watched many horrors when I was little but they had no effect on who I am today.

Actually, I don't even watch those kinda movies anymore because as I grew older I lost interest. Also helps that my wife isn't a fan. I am strictly comedy and a few action movies now.

So back to my story.

My mom was a big fan of 80's horror so movies like Friday The 13th, Halloween, Child's Play and Texas Chainsaw Massacre were among favorites as they had multiple sequels.

So when I saw that Pack War was hosting a contest on Halloween for some sketches he put together, I thought it would be pretty cool to own one just for another unique piece to my collection.

Well this one of Leatherface arrived this past weekend,
These movies always creeped me out the most. People hunting down people on deserted highways to eat and even wearing their skin for masks. *shutters*
A big thanks goes out to Pack War for the sketch. Pretty cool looking and wished I could have captured it better on here as the card is more impressive in person.


  1. Yeah, Corky does great sketch cards.

  2. Corky did a great job on these sketch cards. Love me some Leatherface.