Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Generous Mail Day From SCA

Last week I was tagged in a Twitter post to watch a video break of 2016 Absolute football that Sports Card Album had opened. I have known Sports Card Album for awhile now since I started blogging and he was running the Busting Packs Blog and from the Beckett forums as well.

So well over 4 years.

Well, anyways, the card that was pulled in the break was this beautiful Odell Beckham Jr.
Which I had commented that it was and said it would be awesome PC card to add.

He then asked for my info as he wanted to see the card be in a true fans hand which I was blown back by and this card arrived earlier this week along with a few other sweet surprises.

Here are those other surprises.

A Triple Threats jersey card of three top WR rookies for my rookie card PC.

Then the Top pick of the 2016 draft jersey card. I didn't own any of him either. So a nice addition to tuck away in my rookie card collection. Hopefully we will see him soon.

And finally, a sick Griffey jersey card I didn't have for my Griffey PC. Marking Griffey Jr number 836 and maybe jersey card # 10. I don't have many memorabilia cards of him.
A huge, huge thank you is deserved to Sports Card Album. You sir are very generous and I for one would suggest anyone who isn't following you on Twitter to do so and to check out your site and take advantage of all Sports Card Album has to offer.

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