Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Successful Trade Mail Day From @JGfan24ever

Well, it took some back and forth last week between @JGfan24ever and myself on Twitter, but we ended up, as I expected, coming to terms on a trade that sent a 1/1 PC need to him and me bringing home some goodies as well.

First, here are some freebies he threw in with the trade. A new Adams rookie for me (hoping he continues to get more play time), numbered Strahan and a new Odell rookie.
My first card in the trade is this 2012 Prominence Rueben Randle helmet auto card. Pretty sick card and it adds to my Randle count to 106.

Up next, you know I like shiny stuff, rookies and NY Giants. Well, here ya go

And finally, from The Hobbit, a new celeb auto for that PC. Aidan Turner who played the Dwarf in the trilogy.
I am glad we were able to work out this trade and really glad the USPS system didn't mess with us like last time.I look forward to trading with him again and if you don't follow him on Twitter you should. Great trader, friend and does giveaways as well.

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