Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Breakin Wax:1997 Zenith Football Pack Break (Good Insert)

I save my best pack for last from my retro crate, a pack of 1997 Zenith football. One of my favorite brands of the 90's because of their slick base cards and fun inserts.

So let's get to ripping!

In each pack of 1997 Zenith football you will find 6 cards. Packs on the Jammin JD Sport Card website go for $2 each and can be found, HERE. That price is much cheaper as you can see they originally were.

The base card design for 1997 was okay. Wasn't my favorite of the late 90's designs, you will find out which one was in my blog revamp in January, but the base cards were thick and had an high end appeal.

Found Emmitt in my pack.

"Rookies" subset as I call this since they feature a player from the previous years rookie class, had a better design than the base. I wished Zenith had featured actual rookies. That would have made it even better.

And my last card from the pack, a lenticular V2 1:23 odds (1 per box) that shows Favre in motion. Beautiful card all around and you can't go wrong with the player pull either. I had always wanted one of these and hadn't ever pulled one. So I traded for a Galloway one not long ago, then I pull one. What are the odds??
Overall, best $2 I have spent recently. Pulled an Emmitt and Harrison base, then land a sick Favre insert, I was pretty stoked.

I had a lot of fun busting my retro crate from Jammin JD and would definitely want to do it all over again. The memories and the unknown insert finds with every pack I opened made me smile. That's simply what the hobby is about to me.


  1. That's funny. The two I pulled from my box were Galloway and Favre. Zenith was a fun break for me this summer, but it is a shame about the "rookies."

  2. Never seen these before. I'd pick up a pack just to give it a shot. Nice Chris Warren card. I don't get to see many of those. Thanks for the post.

  3. Congratulations on pulling that sweet Favre!