Tuesday, November 1, 2016


As you saw in a recent post, I have been sorting like crazy. My sorting process makes the man cave look like a crazy scientists experiment with piles of this here and piles of that there like I am about to build Frankenstein.

One of my first processes is after busting a box of cards, I try to put together the base set. If I complete it, that goes into a white count box. If it's partially completed and one I want to finish, that goes off to the side of the desk. If it's one far away or one that's none of interest to me, well, that gets broken down into 35 different piles. I am not kidding on that either and will do a post on my sorting breakdown soon as well.

For those sets I want to try to complete and finish, I write down my numbers to try and locate who is missing. So when I was doing my sorting from 1999 Collectors Edge 1se Place break, I used the checklist to write down who I was missing for an easier search.
It made me realize how much easier it was to have the checklist right in hand instead of having to Google the entire internet searching for one and taking the time to either print off a list or just writing down my needs from there.
Simply put, I miss checklists in my card packs.

I think it's also a good closing point in a set to have those checklists at the end. It's like a final chapter to a great book. The only thing I didn't like about finding the checklists is when companies in the 90's would turn them into parallels to. It kinda felt like you skipped a hit. Actually, this checklist pictured above is a perfect example as it's a Gold Ignot parallel.

So who else is with me in the bring back the checklists protest? Comment below!


  1. I miss checklists too...one of them was my #1 most wanted card from 1996 to 2005 when I finally got it.

    No need to do a search for a checklist though when the Trading Card Database exists!

    1. Agreed. The Trading Card DB has wonderful printable PDF checklists of everything you could imagine.

  2. Yeah, I wish they'd go back to making two sided checklists. These ones we get now are base cards on one side and checklists only on the back. You can hardly tell them apart from the rest of the set. League Leaders are almost as bad.

  3. I miss the checklist as well. Especially with the checkoff boxes. They occasionally will have one on the back of a team card, which now days I only consider star or superstar cards, since they only have one or two players on the front. Usually some action shot. It has been ages since they had the team photo on a team card to make it a real team card. Even the Topps Heritage which faithfully reproduces whatever set was made 49 years ago, uses the modern one or two players on the front for a team card, when the original vintage set had a team photo.