Tuesday, November 8, 2016

HOBBY TOPIC:2016 Topps Transcendent Baseball

An all-new product is about to release. One that has caused a stir of many different feelings in the hobby, the product is called 2016 Topps Transcendent Baseball.
Why such a noise? Well, there are only 65 total box set cases and each set comes with 52 total autographs, three of which are one-of-ones and it also comes with an invitation to a special anniversary event that will have a yet-to-be-announced guest. The price tag for this suitcase.....
$27,000. Yes, no need to wipe your eyes. That's the price. 

Now let's get your thoughts on this product.

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Leave a comment or thought below. 
Are you buying? Do you think it's worth price tag? Do you think we see more products like this in the future? Is this a crazy idea? Or any other thoughts you may have.
Please make sure it's clean for our younger audience.

I am very intrigued to hear your thoughts.


  1. Are you buying - NOOOOOOO

    Worth the Price Tag - If you have 27k to spend on cards you likely don't think in terms of is it worth it.

    More products like this in the future - This seems like a 1 time thing.

    Is this crazy - YESSSSS

  2. It's like they're cashing in on whoever these people are that have been buying gem mint 10 superstar rookies for five and six digits lately in auctions. It's gotta be a few millionaires who just like to show off their buying power to each other. This isn't aimed at real collectors. It's for those guys that will pay $5076.00 for a 1959 common card that you can find graded PSA 8 for $50, is in the price guide for $7 and that I bought in decent shape for probably two bucks.

  3. Wow that's expensive. Definitely not buying that set.

    I can see some millionaires though pull the trigger on this one (who likes baseball), but for me, not really. Thanks Topps for another High-End product I'll never see.

  4. I hope Topps sends you a box to review and you do a contest for one of the cards! LOL