Tuesday, November 29, 2016

'Only Got Time For Trading

This has been the year of trading for me as I have expanded my trading circle blogger by blogger. I haven't been much of a trader in the past because of not knowing others/trust, costs of shipping and having problems letting cards go. This year has been different. If I am going to add to my personal PC's this year especially, I am going to have to make some tough decisions and let some cards go.

I still won't trade with just anyone as I will check in with my trusted circle of traders first (which is what I hope most collectors would do as I have seen many things go wrong with online trades), but I will consider most trades as long as it's trading within the U.S., PWE can be an option of shipping and if I can personally let go of the requested card.

So when Andy from Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard! contacted me about a trade, I knew I was fine trading with him as I have seen many others I traded with in the past trading with him.

I am definitely glad that he did contact me. Andy has some pretty sweet cards I got to add to my PC.

First, an Spx auto of Sean Henn. My first of him.

Next up, a couple rookie QB's autos. I always like to my rookie card collection especially from the most recent class. My 2016 purchases have been next to none so having any rookie autos from this class is a good thing.
I keep anticipating the Jets playing Hackenberg as their season continues to crumble, but still they don't. Maybe next year and I will have his rookie auto. Either way, he has a cool signature.

And the final card and what started this trade is this cool patch for my patch PC. I was really hoping it was game used but it's not. Typical for most cards now-a-days.Either way, still cool.

A huge thanks goes out to Andy on the trade and I look forward to future trades with you as well. I should also mention if Andy contacts you about a trade, I strongly suggest you follow through. Probably the fastest shipper I have ever seen in a trade. Usually I send first and way before anyone else, but I had no shot with him.


  1. glad you like the cards, thanks for the trade!!

    1. Andy is a solid dude to trade with.
      I'm not a big Kaepernick fan, but that is one sick patch.