Wednesday, December 7, 2016

4 New Dre's

So we continue my trade recap with 90's Niche Football Card blog for Day 7 and this time it's all about Dre.

Even though Andre is currently not with the team anymore, I still have been adding to my PC of him. It's an affordable one with some nice looking cards and it's still Giants blue so I am fine with it.

I do wish a team would give him a chance to play. The Chargers have Melvin Gordon who is having an amazing season so the odds of Andre playing there just isn't in the cards.

First is a jersey card I didn't have. I like the design.

On-card silver autograph from Inception. If it wasn't for the 00 jersey on him here, the card is superb!

Another National Treasures card. One of only three total cards I own of this product. Loving the patch here.

And we end it out on a High note. Yes, see what I did there. My very first High Tek auto. So shiny and awesome.

With these 4 now added, my Andre Williams PC has now eclipsed the 90 different card mark. I am always looking to add new ones especially if they are unique ones like the ones above.

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  1. Nice additions for the PC, those NT patches are sweet.