Friday, December 9, 2016


There are some collectors who are not fans of the manufactured relics and then there is me.

I don't care much for the manu-patches and things like that as much, but the way I look at it, isn't event or player worn stuff basically the same? If it's not game used, it's technically a gimmick in my opinion.

One of my favorite manu relics are coins. 

Just look at this one. Great design, it's numbered and is pretty cool if you ask me.

And I really liked these. I think they could had done more with the design around the coin like the Eli above, but front and back of the coin is pretty awesome. Doesn't need to be numbered either.


Super Bowl 42 will always be in my memory forever. Was the first technical Super Bowl I watched the Giants win. It was also as big time underdogs and against a team that many in my area and in my family like. It was a sweet, sweet victory. 

Now I just need to get the Super Bowl 46 version to match this.

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  1. Cool cards. I enjoy manufactured relics if they're done correctly... and the medallions/coins are often my favorites.