Saturday, December 31, 2016

End Of The Year 2016

Time to sum up 2016 on Sport Card Collectors blog.

It was a year of transition as I started out the year with some new segments that just didn't hold very long. Mostly because of views I had to cancel them. What's the point of posting something that nobody has interest in??? (I can sometimes feel that way about my NY Giants posts but I am sorry, you are still going to get those)

It was also a year I struggled with buying cards whether it was singles, packs or boxes due to finances so I had to find other outlets to help add to my collection. Trading in 2016 became huge to me and some of the trades I pulled off on here were ginormous if you look back at my big ones with Project Pedro Blog and 90's Niche Football Card Blog. A HUGE thanks to them for being so generous and willing to pull off such trades. However, even the littlest ones were big helpers with knocking off some of my PC needs to. Especially in the Rodney Hampton department.

I was also glad to add to my trading circle this year that at first only had 5 in it. Now it's more than doubled in size. Thanks to those who came seeking me as an trading option and for being honest in working out a trade.

Here was my biggest trade pickup of the year in case you missed it or are new to this blog.

Not that my other pickups weren't big and appreciated too, but it's hard to match a KG Jr auto as top dog.

One of the biggest bright spots in 2016 was Topps coming on board with review boxes which helped me be able to continue the tradition of giveaways on Sport Card Collectors and gives you a look/insight at some of the products. I know many of you comment about my reviews and appreciating them. I also appreciate the support as well with you reading them.

2016 also provided Sport Card Collectors it's biggest views year yet. I expect yearly numbers to go up by the blogversary in March where I announce them. It makes me excited and find purpose to post everyday when I know people are coming to check it out.

So I guess you can say 2016 was on the up for my blog, but not for me personally with the financial end and health issues I had. Either way, I am hoping 2017 is a much better year all around and I wish the same to you no matter how your 2016 went.

Happy New Years Eve! Be safe! (you don't want to miss a post do you?) And God Bless!


  1. 1. Nice Griffey!
    2. I wish Topps would get on board with my blog and send me boxes to review :)
    3. Happy New Year!