Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jaybarkerfan's Holiday Tradeathon Mail Day

Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk recently held a tradeathon where he posted up 5-10 cards daily and you really had to make sure you got there in time to snag what you wanted. The challenge of it was you could only claim up to 5 items and it went for two weeks. Try your patience and gambling with that!!

I had claimed three items up until the last day thinking that the best for last scenario would come into play, which I was right, but I didn't quite get there in time on the last day as a couple of pretty cool things jumped on the final post (I missed out on claiming a few others cause I gambled and waited) but I did manage to still snag some cool stuff.

Up first, those sweet 90's items. A Jerry Rice acetate insert, a Troy Aikman Pinnacle Mint coin (always love these), a sweet looking Joey Galloway from Zenith and a freebie pack that he tossed in.

Then some sweet Dan Marino inserts, yes once again from the 90's. The Run And Gun has a player on the other side and is numbered.

Up next, a Griffey that is bolony. No, really. It's an Oscar Mayer 1994 Superstar Round-Up bolony disk. I hadn't seen these before. Cool addition. Gotta snag the oddballs when you can. I am not sure what Griffey this makes me as I need to figure out some new numbers once my checklist is done.

Finally, a card I snagged on Day 1. A oversized 25/25 eBay 1/1 Rueben Randle patch from Inception. The card looks great, all but the 00 on the jersey. That always bothers me.
A pretty solid mail day in my opinion. Covered many PC areas. A big thanks goes out to Wes and I hope you like what I sent in return along with the mini boom pack in the second package.

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  1. Nice Rueben Randle patch! And I really like the Galloway Zenith, too. JBF's holiday tradeathon was a lot of fun...I hope he starts a two-week blogathon where he shows off all the cards he got in return for his generosity!