Monday, December 26, 2016

The Season Of Giving

The hobby is full of giving people and one of them that really stands out is @JG24ever on Twitter.

Last week I showed you how he helped me narrow down my needs for my 2014 Flair Football master set, well, he struck again buying me this graded /40 Rueben Randle Rookie Inscriptions autograph on Twitter and having it sent to me. This card marks another new Randle in my collection and my first graded autograph of him.
I was once again left speechless (except the inner excitement of getting the card) by his generosity when he tagged me saying the card was mine. It's not only to me though, he spreads the #HobbyLove to other collectors too. I hope everyone takes note of this when it comes to nominating collectors for their generosity.

A big thanks goes out to @JG24ever for this awesome card and for his generosity. I strongly suggest you follow him on Twitter and I strongly suggest to myself that I need to do some digging to give back to him as well :)


  1. Is this @JGfan24ever aka Michael M? If so I follow him on Instagram and he's good people!