Saturday, December 10, 2016

There's No Limits For Odell

So we continue my trade recap with 90's Niche Football Card blog today with a new Odell.

It is extremely hard to describe how awesome this card is. From your seat you are just seeing a plain ole insert. Believe me when I saw the card posted to me for the trade, I thought the same. 

But, up close and in hand if you haven't seen these, this is a 3D ride into another dimension. It's something out of the 90's mixed into today's card market that I wished I could have captured better on here but couldn't figure out how.

The background behind Odell and the NY symbol is like a shadowbox/lentictular design. I guess that's why the theme was No Limits as there is no limit on how deep that goes behind the players as it tricks your eyes.


From my research, there are three different versions of these to collect including a 1/1 version. I am thinking I need to chase down a couple more or see what other NY Giants offerings.

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