Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Too Many Verlanders Mail Day Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, Too Many Verlanders blog ran a HUGE holiday Giveaway palooza and trading right before the holidays. He had many great up items up for grabs including lots of 90's goodness, team lots, figures and a stack of uncut SI For Kids Cards sheets I had wanted and just missed out on pushing publish for my comment that would have gone towards that PC.

But, I was able to snag my Giants. I feel like I am the only blogger out of 300+ who collects them which isn't a bad thing. That means I get to trade and claim them more often.

Here was the lot that I claimed. A goo stack of old and new Giants including a pretty slick LT die-cut from Contenders.

On top of his already generous Giants lot, he helped me with some of my 2015 Score set needs.This is all that remains, HERE.

Threw in a free unopened pack of '09 Topps baseball Series 2
Which I pulled a new Soriano for that PC
And on top of that, he tossed in three Giants hits that he didn't need for his Manningham collection. This Spx auto rookie of him is now my new favorite Manningham card. Boy do I miss UD football cards.

Another Manningham...

And finally a new Shockey. Great looking card and Jeremy will always be one of my favorites. His aggressive play made him one of the biggest receiving threats the Giants ever had, til they drafted Odell. I am not sure anyone will ever top him.
This is just part 1 of my gernours mail day from Too Many Verlanders. A much smaller, but just as important one posting tomorrow!

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  1. Dennis always has a great end of the year giveaway. Glad you got some cards for your collection.