Monday, December 12, 2016

Winner Of Joey Bosa Autographed Memorabilia

Well, well, well.

I don't see my timeline on Twitter or Facebook full of Dak or Zeke talk this morning. Or the expected Cowboys Super Bowl run...maybe there is a reason for that....oh yes, that's right....#GiantsWin.

It was a great game to stay up for, though I am needing a coffee injection today, but it was worth it. I know a lot football fans like an offensive showdown, but give me a defensive one like that any day. Both teams played really well on defense and the game came down to the wire as expected. The Giants simply just made one more play than Dallas. Wonder how round 3 will go if they meet up again in the playoffs??

Anyways, since the Giants won that means someone wins this....


And since the score of the game was so low and that everyone was over in their predictions, I had to fire up the ole randomizer and make it fair. So here's the winner after my usual 7 randoms.... 

There were 25 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Matthew Chrisman
  2. Ben Hansen
  3. JoshuaSchleicher0411
  4. william cooley
  5. @EEFFL
  6. RAZ
  7. Brad Jorgensen
  8. Jafronius
  10. Highlight Heaven
  11. Trevor P
  12. Anthony Pizzo
  13. Sam Zozaya
  14. Cameron Towe
  15. Nick Frank
  16. hudsonfan15
  17. Bryan McCarter
  18. Tread Willis
  19. Cody Cook
  20. Tracy LeVeaux
  21. Jamie B.
  22. Scott N.
  23. krsp370
  24. Ryan Sawyer
  25. @JGfan24ever
Timestamp: 2016-12-12 14:26:19 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to Matthew Chrisman on winning. Please email withing 48 hours to claim or it will be re-given away. Please also share your winnings when they arrive so I can continue to host contests like this.

Thanks to everyone who entered and please be on the lookout for more contests ahead including a biggie that will be announced on Sunday.


  1. yeah go giants man glad they got the dub last night.

  2. Congrats to Matthew, thanks for the contest.