Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reminiscing 90's:1992 Disney Goslayn Mallard Kellogg’s PVC

Key notes for January 23rd 1992:
November 7th 1992 was a Thursday
George H.W.Bush was President
Most Popular Movie released in January of 1992 was Reservoir Dogs
Most Popular Book around this time was Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on January 23rd 1992 was All 4 Love by Color Me Badd

The daughter of Darkwing Duck, AKA, Drake Mallard, Gosalyn was always edgy. She was the first to show her confidence in not having fear. Sometimes however that confidence would end up in trouble and a dad rescue.

The 90's always put out "edgy" looking inserts. If only we had these kind of inserts today.

Another Darkwing Duck character down. Two more to go!

What was your favorite "edgy" insert from the 90's? There were plenty to choose from! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

This Trade Hit The Spot

My buddy @batcavelv and I have been working on a trade for a few months and today my end of the trade came in packing a punch as usual.

Tracy knows of my addiction to busting unopened late 90's wax and picked me up some packs.
 Here were the best cards from basketball. A Karl Malone and three silver parallels that fall one per pack

The football pack came with this 1:12 pull of Jerome Bettis. Pretty nice looking insert.

Also got this base card rookie of Bobby Hoying.

Now onto some pretty sweet Giants additions. We got Rueben Randle, Tim Carter and Steve Smith jersey cards from their rookie years.

One of my favorite Giant QB's of All-Time in Kerry Collins. May actually be one of my all-time favorite Top 10 QB overall. I believe this is my first jersey card of him.
Big Hank, Jonathan Hankins who I believe next season will have a huge breakout year. This is a nice rookie autograph of him. And it's shiny, double bonus!

Now onto my two favorite cards of the bunch, not that they all weren't awesome. Dress For Success of Sinorice Moss, who never did pan out like his brother Santana, rookie face mask card. I miss companies doing these.

And you would have to be blind not to enjoy this beauty whether you are a Giants fan, football fan or not. This is one good looking piece of cardboard. A Leaf Limited Leather and Laces PRIME numbered 11/25 of Ron Dixon. 
For those of you who don't know Ron Dixon, he was most notably known for special teams returns and scored the Giants only, gulp giving myself nightmares again, score in Super Bowl 35 on a 97 yard kickoff return where the Giants got walloped by the Baltimore Ravens 34-7. He only played for the Giants from 2000-2003 and his career ended with a nagging PCL injury and was ineffective in tryouts after the Giants and retired in 2005.
Despite the player, this card is one that you just can't simply pull your eyes away from.

A big thanks goes out to Tracy and I am already looking forward to our next trade. I have begun stacking a pile for you already. 

Thanks to everyone else for reading and comments on my mail day are always appreciated!

Box Of Goodies,Grady M Mail Day Part 2: NY State Of Mind

Swinging our way into Part 2 of the latest Grady M mail day, we kick it off with some Yankees. I am extremely excited to get baseball season going after such a rough outing for my Giants football team in 2015. Hoping 2016 Yankees can make me forget about it. They should be a fairly decent team.

El Duque, Yogi and McCann

Riz, Soriano and Mattingly

  MO! And Joe DiMaggio

Now onto those depressing NY Giants. One thing that didn't disappoint was Odell Beckham's performance. Many will argue with me over this but I still think he is easily the Top 3 best WR in the league. So hard to cover. Imagine if Cruz had been healthy along with Randle. Wow. Eli's career high season already may had been even bigger. Part of the reason why I am glad the Giants retained McAdoo and put him as head coach. Watch out defenses in 2016!!  

My first Giants chrome card of 2015.

More Gmen Goodness!!! 

I usually save all of the shiny stuff for last, which I did with the rest but I decided to show off this awesome Collins refractor ahead of time. But, this is just a small sign of what's to come with the shiny stuff. 
 This mail day just keeps getting better. Come back for Part 3 that I am hoping to put up in the next day or two. 


This card is crying out for a Caption.

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience! 

Shout out again to Baseball Card Breakdown for this awesome magnet for my Griffey PC :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Box Of Goodies,Grady M Mail Day Part 4:Time For Baseball

When I started looking at the photos I put in this post I began to realize that some did not upload. So what you see is what you will get but believe me, there were many more than this. Especially Topps base card parallels.

I can at least show you what's here. 

In my opinion, Roger's in the wrong uni here  :-/ but I still like the design of these.
Minis! Kemp is numbered to 99.

Framed parallels, I think we established my love for these.

Gold parallels.

Like I said, not all made it into this post. Maybe I will update it at some point.
The next two days however, get ready for some shiny/refractor action!

Player Cameos On Cards, Do You Collect Them?

When thumbing through a stack of base cards, this one stood out to me

Yes, you see that right, that is Ken Griffey Jr. Ignore the fact that B.J. Surhoff is on here too. The player that stands out more is the Griff.

So the question was, do I count this as a Griffey card? Technically on my big checklist it doesn't count as his, but he is obviously in the photo here. So I sat and dwelled on it for a bit. In the end, I don't think I could put a card that wasn't technically a Griffey card in my PC of him. Cool photo, great cameo but this is a B.J. Surhoff card. (which by the way I did still keep it because of the uniqueness just not in my Griffeys)

So I pass this question onto you, if your favorite player you PC appears on someone elses card, do you count it? Why or why not?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Box Of Goodies,Grady M Mail Day Part 1:Random Goodness

Opening up my mail box yesterday and discovering a big box that was mailed by Sport Card Collectors reader and fan, Grady M, I knew my day was going to be made. As you have seen in the past, he bombs me with tons of great inserts covering all sports and my teams/players. Such a generous guy and collector and someone I am very blessed to have met on here. We have been exchanging packages for about a year now.

I posted yesterday that I wasn't going to post these til next week, but I am so far behind on blog posts I am going to plug these in when I can instead. Today was a slow day on here so it sounds like a great time to share this.

Now onto part 1 which consists of many sports.

Up first, a HUGE stack of NY Ranger base cards from UD Series 1 and Prizm.
Inserts. Artifacts in the top middle is numbered.

Love these. They may not be the same ones that UD put out in the 90's, but the nostalgic appeal is still there.
A couple more nice cards.

Even found two NEW Griffeys for that PC. I am on the drive to 800!!

NBA inserts and Knicks base.

Even some NASCAR. These made me a bit sad as we haven't had a new release in so long for racing cards (I am not really a racing fan per say, but love the cards especially the memorabilia and inserts) and I am still heartbroken that Press Pass had to close their doors. They put out some great stuff over a long time.

A great way to kick off what's to come. There are 6-parts to this mail day so stay tuned as I will squeeze them all in at some point in the next two weeks!

Breakin Wax:2015 Prestige Football Blaster Box (Autograph Pull!)

Honesty, I haven't bought much 2015 football this year. It just hasn't tempted me enough. Not when I can buy 2014 with a loaded rookie class for much cheaper. There are a few good rookies in 2015, but not enough to warrant me to buy tons.

But, I had to have at least a few more rookies so a blaster of Prestige had to make due.

Sorry, but forgot to take a picture of the blaster. But, here is a breakdown. You get 64 cards per box. 8 packs of 8 cards. You also get one of these NFL Draft Picks per box. This was is of speedster Lockett.

One rookie card per pack. Mine was a weak box for sure.
Some Extra Point parallels
Not bad scores on these inserts. Jameis Winston Big Board and a sweet acetate Campus Legends Elway.
And to my surprise....BOOM! A Sankey autograph! Numbered to 99 as well. Hitting a retail autograph brings you on such a high!! It doesn't matter the player.
 Overall, a autograph saving blaster. A few good inserts didn't hurt either.

What's the best autograph you have pulled from retail?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Put Hampton In Your STARTING LINEUP, He Will Find PAYDIRT

Last week I was contacted by @kin_kinsley,who is one of the writers for the blog, Beans Ballcard Blog, about a Rodney Hampton he had picked up and wanted to mail to me for my #GreatHamptonChase. I was completely on board and excited. The fun part was, he didn't tell me what was coming.

So today, it arrived via PWE safe and sound and BRAND NEW to my PC. Welcome home Rodney Hampton #252.

A 1992 Starting Lineup Rodney Hampton

 A big thanks goes out to @kin_kinsley for the help in my chase. I really appreciate your generosity.

Also in the mail today, another cheap eBay bucks pickup that arrived PWE also. Hampton number 253.

A 1995 Skybox Premium Paydirt.
I have always liked these. There is currently a colors parallel of him on eBay I am dying to get. But, funds won't allow it at this time so hoping it will remain there until I can pick it up. Those are extremely rare and the only Hampton one I have ever seen on there.
Overall, a pretty solid mail day today. It has been awhile so it was a nice change of pace. I also received a mail day from Grady M. We all know how awesome those are and will be posted next week in a 6-part series.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their night! Thanks for reading.

Breakin Wax:2014 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Baseball Hobby Box

Prizm, Chrome, shiny things, it all is up my alley. So when you combine those things with prospecting, you really have my attention.

In every box of 2014 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Pics is 12 packs with 5 cards per pack. On average a box will run ya $50, but I got mine on sale for $26 on Black Friday. Yes, this is a delayed post. You will also find three on-card autographs and three numbered Prizms per box as well.

The base set is made up of prospects. There are 100 cards in the base set. 50 of these...

and 50 of these....

You get a variety of different Prizms. Here is the breakdown or what you may find:

Silver Prizms (150 subjects) at least 2 per box
Powder Blue Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 199
Purple Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 149
Red Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 100
Blue Mojo Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 75
Orange Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 60
Green Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 35
Gold Prizms (150 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Finite Prizms (150 subjects) numbered 1 of 1
Gold Minors Prizms (29 subjects) At least one per box
Gold Minors Gold Prizms (29 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Minors Gold Finite Prizms (29 subjects) numbered 1 of 1
Panini High School All-America Team Prizms (10 subjects) numbered to 100
Gold Panini High School All-America Team Prizms (10 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Panini High School All-America Team Finite Prizms (10 subjects) numbered 1 of 1
Top 10 Prizms (10 subjects) numbered to 100
Gold Top 10 Prizms (10 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Top 10 Finite Prizms (10 subjects) numbered 1 of 1
Prospect Ranker Prizms (20 subjects) numbered to 100
Gold Prospect Ranker Prizms (20 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Prospect Ranker Finite Prizms (20 subjects) numbered 10 of 1
First Overall Picks Prizms (8 subjects) numbered to 100
Gold First Overall Picks Prizms (8 subjects) numbered to 10
Black First Overall Picks Finite Prizms (8 subjects) numbered 1 of 1

Here are the Prizms my box had.

Good one here in Soler.

Other inserts.

My autographs. No Kris Bryant but at least some prospects for the PC.

Rockies future?

Excited about this guy and his future for the Nationals. Probably my best pull of the box.

Nice autograph parallel here. This is a purple prizm parallel numbered to 149.

Here are other autograph Prizms you can find:
Prospect Signatures Prizms (91 subjects) At least one per box
Press Proof Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 199
Purple Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 149
Red Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 100
Blue Mojo Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 75
Orange Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 60
Green Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 35
Gold Prizm Prospect Signatures (91 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Prizm Prospect Signatures Finite (91 subjects) numbered 1 of 1
Midnight Ink Mojo Die Cut (10 subjects) numbered to 50
Midnight Ink Finite Die Cut (10 subjects) numbered to 10
Honored Selections Autographs Prizms (12 subjects) numbered to 25 or less
Gold Honored Selections Autographs Prizms (12 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Honored Selections Autographs Finite Prizms (12 subjects) numbered 1 of 1
Next Era Dual Autographs Prizms (10 subjects) numbered to 25 or less
Gold Next Era Dual Autographs Prizms (10 subjects) numbered to 10
Black Next Era Dual Autographs Finite Prizms (10 subjects) numbered 1 of 1

Overall, this is one of those breaks you don't know quite what you have yet. You gotta give it some time but I would say for the price, I did pretty well.

Monday, January 18, 2016

You Are Entering The (Stadium Club) Matrix

Not only was Stadium Club an iconic brand of the 90's (even though its back now, I feel it doesn't have the same appeal), but it put out some pretty amazing inserts. One of those inserts was Dot Matrix which was a base card parallel.

These refractor approached inserts fell at 1:12 packs or two per box. When you tip them from side to side in the light, the shine makes you feel as if you are entering an amazing rainbow matrix and would end up on field with the player.Sort of something you might have seen in a 90's kids program.
When the last recent round of eBay bucks hit, I had this in my watch box to be apart of my Rodney Hampton PC as it was the only one on eBay I could find. I don't like missing out on cards I can only find one of and especially at a deal.
I tried to tip the card and take a nice picture so you could get that feel as well.

Now that you are out of the Matrix, I assume, how do you feel about this card and design (also let me know which field you ended up on but I have to assume it was Giants Stadium)? 
My thoughts are I wished Topps did these kinda parallels today especially in Stadium Club with that amazing photography.