Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:Reader's Mail Day Part 1:Little Of Everything

I posted last weekend about my latest mail day from Sport Card Collectors reader Grady M and thought it was time I started to break this down to show what was hidden inside of this box.

To save myself some time and to save this from being broken down to 7 or 8 posts, I cut my pictures in half and made stacks for certain sections. But, I will do my best to generalize what was in there.

Up first, you can't see it that well, but there was a stack of NY Ranger base cards. Mostly from Upper Deck.
 Next, TONS of inserts from Topps, Stadium Club, Heritage and so on.
I pulled this Randy Johnson out because it was my first 2016 Topps baseball insert. I have been really slacking with my box busts recently. I haven't opened any 2015 Topps Chrome baseball or football and no 2016 Topps baseball which are usually musts for me. That's what happens when funds are low.

 I also pulled this out cause I really dig the design. Topps did a great job with these perspectives in my opinion.
First Pitch is one of my favorite inserts from Topps flagship in some time. It's outside the box thinking and I like that. OH, not to mention I got a new Griffey from Gypsy Queen in the bottom right.
Tons of minis! Gypsy Queen, Allen and Ginter and Upper Deck Goodwin Champions.
And to finish it up, a sharp looking CC Sabathia jersey card. Just wished CC was the same guy he was when he first arrived in NY.
This is only one of four parts I am posting on this mail day. Plenty more to show coming up soon.

Friday, March 25, 2016

CONTEST! Sport Card Collectors 4 -Year Blogversary One!

I know this contest is a bit late as my blogversary was on the 1st, but I was waiting on a few things to fall into place before I could move forward with it.

First up, I would like for you guys to thank Tracy Hackler and Panini America for providing the reviews that provided today's prizes.

Secondly, BCW Supplies was kind enough to also help in this giveaway. Please give them a thanks as well.

Third, thanks to all of those who read Sport Card Collectors. Whether it's daily. Whether you just found it online. Whether it's when something catches your eye. Or maybe it's just to enter contests, even though I will say you are missing out. Thank you for checking in. I wouldn't be doing this without you reading it. I mean, what's the point??

Now onto the loot that ONE WINNER will take home.....

(not pictured, the /35 Todd Frazier from Donruss too!)
Lots of numbered goodness here!
Five hits!

The BCW goodies!
Now onto how to enter to win this!
  1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT to enter or have a shipping address in the U.S. Shipping costs have gone haywire and I can't afford to ship everywhere. Also was one of the sponsor rules. Sorry. This is always hard to do as I appreciate all readers but I hope you all understand.
  2. Random winner will be chosen after 7 randoms
  3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW telling me which new SEGMENT you like the most and which older segment you miss the most on the blog. (if you can't remember them, just check the blog archive at the bottom of the blog and see posts that are repeated from anything before March 8th. After March 8th are the newer ones)
  4. EARN AN EXTRA ENTRY FOR SHARING THIS CONTEST ON YOUR BLOG AND/OR ON TWITTER. Make sure to leave your link in comments too so I can count it. If not, I won't be able to give you the credit. Commenting with it is very important!!
  5. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner (person who runs the blog), WILL NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. Sorry had to add this in since someone tried to scam me once about this.
  6. Contest starts today, ends on Friday, April 1st 2016. Winner will be announced in a separate post on Saturday April 2nd. 
  7. Don't forget to thank the above sponsors of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :)

REVIEW:2015-2016 Select Basketball (TOP NOTCH BREAK with 1/1)

I had previously only opened one Select product and that was for football. It was an okay break and some spiffy looking cards. However, opening this basketball one, I was blown away.

In every box of 2015-2016 Select basketball, you will find 12 Packs Per Box and 5 Cards Per Pack. You will also find Three Autographs or Memorabilia Per Box along with Twelve Prizms with some of those being  numbered. Boxes will run you roughly $135.

Select features three 100-card base sets that are unique in design and scarcity. Look for the Courtside Base Set that falls two per box on average. New to this year is twenty cards in the Courtside Base Set that features players with their rookie year teams and photography! 

With so much to chase and try to put together, this to me as a set collector is a dream.

Here are the designs broken down for you.


Now onto the many inserts. Well, parallels.
You get up to 12 Prizm parallels per box mixed with those many base card set chases. To make it easier on you guys and myself, I am just going to list the parallels right here and then have you enjoy the gallery after.

Concourse Prizms: Silver Prizms, Tri-Color Prizms, Blue Prizms #/249, Red Prizms #/149, Orange Prizms #/60, Tie-Dye Prizms #/25, Pink Prizms (#/20 - 2016 Industry Summit), Gold Prizms #/10, Green Prizms #/5, Black Prizms 1/1 

Premier Level Prizms: Silver Prizms Die Cut, Tri-Color Prizms Die-Cut, Light Blue Prizms Die-Cut #/199, Purple Prizm Die-Cut #/99, Tie-Dye Prizms Die-Cut #/25, Gold Prizms Die-Cut #/10, Green Prizms Die-Cut #/5, Black Prizms Die-Cut 1/1 

Courtside Prizms: Silver Prizms, Copper Prizms #/49, Tie-Dye Prizms #/25, Gold Prizms #/10, Green Prizms #/5, Black Prizms 1/1

Groovy man!

And boom! Gold Prizm /10 of Spurs Kawhi Leonard

Back of the card. 10/10 at that!

I was a big fan of all of these parallels. Would make for a fun rainbow chase of your favorite player.

Up next, the hits! It went big here too just like with the Leonard gold.

First, a Sparks Memorabilia card of John Wall. Cool concept and design.  There are Prizm parallels of these too that I bet really spark(le).

My first autograph pull is a Die Cut rookie auto Wave Prizm of Pat Connaughton numbered to 10! That makes two cards numbered to 10 in this box. Can that be beat?? Well....

You bet it can!!

BIG BOOM! A Die Cut autograph Power Prizm 1/1 of Norman Powell!

Back of the card

Great break right?????? This wasn't the first great break I have seen of this product either. I visited a few other sites to see if this was a rare case and it wasn't.

Overall, this is powerful product with lots to offer. If you love chasing base sets, collecting rookie cards, PARALLEL chasing, nice looking autograph cards then this product is for you. The price per box isn't too bad either compared to a few other higher end Panini products I broke recently on here. This box provided much more boom than those did.

To see other images of what the product offers that way it draws you in even more, I strongly suggest you go follow this LINK and check out the Panini's Knight's Lance blog for visuals.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Beckett Files:COVERing My Collection

In the previous The Beckett Files, I discussed the price guides and whether you guys use them or not.

In this post, I want to take a look at something else I get Beckett's for, the covers. (Don't worry about this segment series ending quite yet however, I plan on going back inside the magazine in the next The Beckett Files)

I don't collect them as much as I used to, but in the 90's I would collect Beckett's specifically for who was on the cover and keep the magazine in the best condition I could. Storing them wasn't easy, but I found using sheet pages and binders worked best.

When it came to collecting the covers, it couldn't be just anybody on it. It had to feature either a special event or one of my PC players/teams. One of my bigger collection of Beckett's is of Griffey since I use to PC so much in the 90's.

This one was one of my favorite Griffey ones except I don't believe I ever got the 4 in the 24 cover. Either way, I always thought it looked cool.

Here's one with Griffey as a Red with Bonds and A-Rod. Obviously only one of these guys hit their home runs the truthful way.

And here is one of the latest Beckett's discussing Griffey's introduction into the Hall Of Fame. This one obviously had to find it's way in the collection.
Some of my other favorite magazines over the time are the June 1990 issue with Bo Jackson on the cover, 1990 July Ken Griffey Jr cover, A Brett Favre one (can't remember the year but it had a cool jersey design to it) and of course the Super Bowl 46 Champions NY Giants to just name a few. There are others, believe me.

I tried to cut down on collecting these as much as I am putting my main focus of my collecting strictly on cards and nothing else. But, if the occasional one pops up that I think I need, well, I will most likely grab it. Especially if it involves Griffey or the NY Giants.

So don't make me feel alone in collecting these. How many of you collect Becketts for their covers? Which one is your favorite if you do?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Madness Card Company Finale

The March Madness Card Company Finals were a back and forth battle that had forced a tie and went into overtime that ran for 12-hours yesterday.

What happened in those 12 hours, well, a back and forth battle that eventually ended in yet another tie.

Here is how I am going to end it, I know I said I didn't want a tie, but I feel the fans have left me no choice with a downed amount of votes yesterday and the ending the same.

In the first annual March Madness Card Company Finals, we will end in a tie.

Panini America and Topps will share a championship this year. Unless you guys want to try one more day of voting? If so, leave your plead in comments below.

To recap this years,  I was a bit surprised how Topps almost didn't make it this far with a barely defeat in the first round to Upper Deck and then almost losing to SA-GE. I was also shocked how fast Leaf exited and how far SA-GE made it. Cryptozoic made some noise along the way and almost came back to beat Panini to be in the finals. It would have been interesting to see if they matched up with Topps instead of Panini whether Topps could have beaten them.

What will happen next year? Well, a lot of things may shift the voters with so many licensing changes ahead. Panini grabbing the NASCAR license and snatched the NFL one away that may hurt Topps. But, with so many baseball card enthusiasts and Topps fans, we could eventually look at another tie if they meet again. However, with other companies on the rise it will make things tighter.

I think what really matters is where the match-ups fall in a competition like this. That will play the biggest role and will be interesting to see next year how that goes.

Thanks to everyone who took a second out to vote. I am looking forward to doing this again next year.

REVIEW: 2016 Donruss Baseball

One of my favorite revives Panini has done, Donruss baseball comes packed with surprises at a reasonable price. Why do I feel this way, well, you are gonna have to read on!
In every box of 2016 Donruss baseball are 24 Packs with 8 Cards Per Pack. You should find Three Autographs or Memorabilia Cards Per Box with a chance at finding the rare San Diego Chicken relic and autograph cards. Boxes run about $65.

You should also find in every box,
- 24 BASE 1982

There are 150 base cards in the set. The base set is a bit bland in design, but I think it's because Panini can't use logos. In that case, I would love some throwback designs instead of using the throwbacks for inserts. Sort of like Heritage does.

The checklist is built of stars of today and yesterday. Find names like Pedro..
And my boy Ken Griffey Jr!

There are base card Sp's as well. I pulled this one of MVP Josh Donaldson. Not sure the odds on these but I found a visual showcase of them on Cardboard Connection, HERE.

Every pack you should find a Rated Rookie, 1982 Design and possibly an insert or parallel.
Rated Rookies bring top talent from the 2016 rookie class including Kyle Schwarber. You can also find new parallels to 2016 with the addition Black Borders, Pink Borders, Test Proofs of one-of-one Printing Plates. I found Corey Seager in my box. My first rookie of him.

Other fun Donruss inserts you can find. Diamond Kings, Masters Of The Game, The Rookies and The Prospects.

Here are a couple of the base card parallels. Ripken is a black /199 and Rizzo is an unnumbered pink. I even found a blue border parallel from the USA baseball set.

Returning after a 10-year hiatus, the iconic Power Alley insert. Find the games top power hitters at two per
box, on average! My other in this box, Josh Donaldson.

Last year Panini highlighted 1981 Donruss and this year we turn to 1982. Find veteran and retired players in
striking poses at one per pack. Look for new Holometric and Holoflow parallels! I pulled a regular and pink one of Cal.

Here was one of my bigger pulls of the box, a black/white Test Proof /25 of Kris Bryant. This is a tough pull from the research I have done. These are just base cards turned a color in all reality. There are many versions of these with different numbering.

Two iconic Donruss inserts in Elite Series and Elite Dominator. Both add sparkle and shine to the product. Both are numbered as well.

More base card parallels. The Frazier is a silver one numbered to 35. All of these have different numbering.

And card number 151 in the set is of The Famous San Diego Chicken. Totally dig this tribute card of him in the product. Unique find.

Now onto the hits, which to me, I had fun without them. But I know it today's hobby most can't live without them.

Up first is a Back To The Future jersey card of Jeff Samardzija . These jersey cards take a look back at players in a former uniform. You can't tell from here, there is a nice size swatch involved.

Up next, an Ichiro Bat card. Nice looking card and is numbered to 49.

My lone autograph is Donruss Signature Series which takes me back to the late 90's. Nice looking card all around.
Overall, you would be INSANE if you didn't give this product a try. So much value packed in here for a such little cost. I would take this one over Topps flagship any day. Look at a box break of that for about the same cost of this one. Huge difference. I guess what turns people away is the fact there are no logos. If you can push yourself past that, you will be very happy. If not, you are really missing out on a winner here.

All I know is, it left me wanting more.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Like most great championship match-ups, us fans hope for the best game or series between the two greatest teams. Well, this seems to be the case for my first annual March Madness Card Company edition.

Topps and Panini ended tied at 10 votes each.

I thought maybe I should just end it this way, but I can't. One has to win. So in order to do that, I am having to go into overtime. So for the next 12 hours or so, fans will have a chance to vote for the best OVERALL company one last time. Whoever comes out on top is the winner. If it happens to end in a tie again, well, it will be a tie.

Please take a second out to go to the right of the blog at the top where the poll exists, pick out the best OVERALL company and click vote. Takes just a second. Please pick the one that provides the best overall experience whether its products, customer service or fan interaction.

If on a mobile device, please view the blog in web version to vote.

Thanks for taking a few seconds out of your day and hopefully tomorrow I can announce a winner.

A SUPER Heartwarming Birthday Present

If you didn't read my post on Saturday, I stated how it was my birthday and that I wasn't sure what was in store for me. Well, it was probably the most shocking moment ever.

For the last few months, I assumed my much sought after Rueben Randle Superfractor to finish up my 2012 Topps Chrome rainbow had been sold. I actually posted about it awhile back. Well, come to find out, the buyer(s) were my family. 

After I had told my wife that the one card I was short of on my Rueben Randle rainbow and the only one in it's existence had made it's way on eBay possibly for a last time, she waited til I was out of the room and began texting family members to help me acquire this piece as a birthday present. Many deleted text message conversations later (so I wouldn't read them on her phone by mistake as she told me the story), they were all able to pull together the purchase and left me speechless on Saturday as I thought the card had slipped my grips forever.

This card not only completes my first rainbow, it also is my first Super and the first time in a long time I was able to accomplish a HUGE feat in the hobby. Now if only Rueben can remain a Giant.
I can now officially say, I am the only one in the hobby that can own the 2012 Topps Chrome rainbow of Rueben Randle. Not sure how many would say that in the first place or would be proud to, but I am.
So here is that rainbow (wished the pics were a bit better)....



Now the question I must ask myself, how do I top my family's want lists this year? Do they make 1/1 candles? 1/1 saws? 1/1 gardening tools? 1/1 mechanic tools? It will be tough to match, but hopefully I can fulfill some needs for them.

What's the biggest surprise you have ever received?