Saturday, May 7, 2016


Here is your last chance to do as 15 others have so far, enter my contest to win a Soccer auto!

Follow this link to enter:

REVIEW:2016 Topps Soccer And Autograph Giveaway!!

To win this:

Tomorrow after the winner is announced, get ready for a 2016 Bowman baseball review and giveaway! Stay tuned!


#4 brings me in yet another new Griffey for the PC.  This card is numbered to 25.

In 2008 Spx, Upper Deck created a 100 card set called American Hero and it featured Ken Griffey Jr. The insert set was numbered to 725 and also had memorabilia and signature variations too. The memorabilia were tough pulls and all numbered to 25 while autograph versions were to 3.

This is my first memorabilia card from the set to go along with my 22/100 of the insert set itself.
I do like big sets like this to pad my Griffey numbers, but chasing them all down is not always the most fun. 

What do you guys think? You like big insert sets of your favorite players? Thoughts on this card? Leave me your thoughts in comments.

Tomorrow we are down to the Top 3. These are cards you don't wanna miss!

Friday, May 6, 2016


We have officially cracked the Top 5. This means the cards will increasingly get better as we go. Not that they haven't already.

Today's cards were a big surprise as Shane threw these in for a bonus! A surprise bonus. I had no idea on these. All I know is that the look on my face must have been priceless when I found them in the box.

These are 2012 Topps Chrome rookie Printing Plates of Rueben Randle. These will look great with my Topps Chrome Rainbow. Now I just need to track down the other ones.

This one is a yellow plate.

This one, much brighter than the yellow is a magenta one.

An extra thanks is due to Project Pedro Blog for these amazing bonuses.

Another post tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 5, 2016


We are one spot from reaching the Top 5 card(s) and what a journey that will be.

Today, I will be showcasing some new 'Griffs for the PC.

Up first, a dual jersey card of the aforementioned and Grady Sizemore
A nice bat swatch here. I always liked this design and another dual jersey this time with Sean Casey. Upper Deck always put out some nicely designed memorabilia cards.
There is three more Griffey's down. I look forward to updating my checklist and my Griffey count when this is all said and done. 

Up tomorrow, Top 5 kicks off with couple of rookie printing plates. Come back to see who they are!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Heartbreaking Cards Of Staggering Genius Contest Mail Day!

Like I have been stating for awhile now, I have been looking to add more blogs to my blogroll to check out and read. One of those recent add-ons was Heartbreaking Cards Of Staggering Genius.

So I have been going back through his blog and checking out his new and old content. Some pretty good reads within and I am pretty stoked with my new blog read find.

Recently, he hosted a birthday contest where you had to tell him the greatest card gift you ever received. I went back in time to my father and I busting packs in the car on my birthday. The kick off to my collecting so gotta say that was the greatest gift. Click on the link above to read others responses.

A couple days later, I was randomly selected as a winner and the excitement built for the mail day as I was anticipating some pretty sweet cards.

Up first, he threw in some bonus vintage in the already nice lot of cards. I don't own much vintage, roughly a handful, so any vintage is a nice addition to my collection. A nice mixture of years, players and some Yanks!

Really liked this '54 Bowman and it also marks my second oldest card I own.(I had to ask for assistance on this card and the next as I didn't know what they were not having much background in vintage. Thanks again Project Pedro Blog)

And I thought this was the coolest thing ever! A 1965 Topps Embossed David Segui. I had no idea they used foil back then. Like I said, a vintage newbie.

Up next, the original lot up for grabs.
Gaylord Perry. Still one of the coolest names in baseball.

Yankees signature add and one I didn't have, Steve Balboni.


Awesome Cano swatch with Yankee pinstripe. I have always liked and still like Cano.

And finally, an awesome Manu Leather Nameplate relic of the real home run king, Hank Aaron. I have never seen one of these and being a collector of unique relics this is a pretty cool add.
A big thanks goes out to Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards. If you haven't checked him out yet, please do so. Great blog and reads. And if you guys have anymore suggestions on a good blog to read that I don't have on my list, let me know!


#7 was a tough one for me. Cause honestly, each of these could have been one post alone. I immediately scooped these up when Shane showed me as I was really excited about adding these.

Upper Deck's 2008 A Piece of Hollywood included some great movies and Hollywood worn memorabilia by stars. These were inserted mainly one-per-box in 2008 Upper Deck UD Piece Of History baseball.

Up first, a piece of shirt work in the movie JFK worn by Kevin Costner.

Secondly, this is really cool. Superman's cape from the older movies worn by the one and only Christoper Reeve in Superman 3.

Finally, we get a bit groovy baby with a piece of pants from the first Austin Powers movie. This was one of my favorite movies so adding a piece of memorabilia from it was really cool.
 These all will look great in my non-sport PC.

As you can tell, we are continuing to build upon cooler stuff by the day. Tomorrow, we make it to card(s) 6 in my countdown of my monster trade with Project Pedro Blog.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Not only am I a sport card collector, but I am also a big time non-sport card collector. Well, I am just a collector to sum it up.

When I had mentioned this to Shane, he was more than willing to unload some of these goodies to me. I was more than happy to take them off from his hands so it was a win-win all around.

Up first, a stamp and clothing worn by actress Grace Kelly. Also a cool stamp relic of The Rose. Yeah, I gave him a nickname.

Next, a Stella Stevens relic and the one and only John McEnroe. I know he isn't non-sport, but his persona could definitely make him that.
Still a long ways to go in this countdown of my monster trade with Project Pedro Blog.

Monday, May 2, 2016

WINNER Of The Zack Wheeler Mem/Auto /25 Announced!!

In what turned out to be an explosive amount of entries that I didn't see coming, it set a record for most entries I have ever had with roughly 50 total. I don't count the bonuses that drives us to 62.

I hope for the same type of entry count on the soccer contest I am currently running. If you haven't entered that yet, go HERE.

Well, let's get to business.

The winner of this spectacular card.....


is after 7 randoms....

There were 62 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Jasper
  2. JohnnyG
  3. defgav
  4. Trevor P
  5. arnie p.
  6. Tracy LeVeaux
  7. Miami Vice
  8. Fuji
  9. Jeffrey Guinn
  10. Paul N.
  11. Tim B.
  12. @MtotheG2
  13. irondequoit36
  14. Trevor P
  15. Adam Kaningher
  16. Sports Stuff Hub
  17. Jupiterhill
  18. Robert
  19. MaxaMillion
  20. Rob0822
  21. God's humble servant
  22. Superduperman99
  23. Mike E
  24. Ozsportsfan
  25. The Dutch Card Guy
  26. Stealing Home
  27. Tim Groves
  28. @JGfan24ever
  29. John Hazen
  30. The Lost Collector
  31. Jupiterhill
  32. Fitchjr1
  33. defgav
  34. Fuji
  35. Patrick M
  36. brandon l
  37. Jamie Baldwin
  38. brandon l
  39. Jafronius
  40. RAZ
  41. Jaxyn P.
  42. Matthew Chrisman
  43. Trevor P
  44. @MtotheG2
  45. Robert
  46. Wilson
  47. Cameron Towe
  48. JohnnyG
  49. krsp370
  50. defgav
  51. Dan
  52. Barry
  53. Fuji
  54. TheAdamTing
  55. JayP
  56. @IronMan1833
  57. Wilson
  58. Scott N.
  59. Stephen
  60. skunkman
  61. Scott N.
  62. Wilson
Timestamp: 2016-05-02 10:27:26 UTC, IP:
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to Jasper! You bring home the gold! Please email me at with your address. You will have 48 hours from today to claim your prize. If not claimed, it will be re-given away in a future contest.

Thanks to everyone who entered, RTd, and spread the word on the contest. Please do the same for the soccer one that increases the amount of winners when the contest hits 25 entries.


As you readers know, I am a little bit of a prospecting guy. However, my approach is a bit different then others as I don't just load up on one guy or another, I try to take a look at each and secure myself with at least one card of each player.
One of those players that came out of the woods that I thought I had was Rockies Trevor Story who is taking cardboard by storm. What I didn't realize is that I was missing him til I started this MONSTER TRADE with Project Pedro Blog. No more though! Thanks to Shane I was sent this Bowman Platinum.

And of course we know all about this guy already, I have the jersey card version and when he pulled this in his USA Champions case break I knew I had to trade for it to make the match.
 The buildup on this trade continues! I will tell you this right now the Top 3 cards are pretty amazing, at least to me. So let's continue more of this journey to there tomorrow!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 NFL Draft Card:NY Giants

Congrats to Sterling Shepard and Paul Perkins on being drafted by the NY Giants! Go Gmen!
2nd Round:

5th Round:
In what was an interesting Giants draft as many expected Oline and especially DLine to be the focus, it seems the Giants had other plans.
In the first round they drafted Eli Apple who none expected to go that high. 2nd round came a new offensive weapon in Sterling Shepard to replace Rueben Randle and help with taking the pressure off from Odell Beckham in-case Victor Cruz isn't fully healthy. 3rd round brought a much needed safety in Darian Thompson. 4th round they went LB in BJ Goodson a position they have needed filled for years. 5th round they found speedster Paul Perkins (which is a bit surprising with 4 RB's already on the roster but they do draft best players and not needs most of the time) and in the 6th round they landed TE Jerell Adams. Not one offensive or defensive lineman.

I do think they filled some needs on a team needing lots of help especially on defense. As a collector, I have a lot of needs to fill now that the draft is done. The only rookie cards I have of any of these guys I posted above and none are technically rookies. I will put most of my focus on Perkins and Shepard, but will see if I can pick some up or at least one of each of the other guys.

How about you guys? Which rookies are you focused on collecting from your team? Or in general?


Today kicks off ten consecutive days of counting down my Top 10 cards I got in a MONSTER TRADE with Project Pedro blog. There is a mixture of pretty much everything in here

Today, we kick it off with a couple of Andre Williams rookie cards.

First up is an autograph. Honestly, I can't remember if I have this one. Unlike other players I have checklists for my Williams collection is just under 70 cards so I thought I could remember. Either way, it's not going anywhere else but to me. It's  a Giant.

The next one I do know I don't have. There is also a bonus about this card having it being numbered 44/99. 44 is Andre Williams number.
I think these are a great way to kick off this Top 10 countdown. Plenty more to come, so BUTTON up and hold onto this ride.