Saturday, July 16, 2016

Uniform Versus:NY Jets

The Jets, the other New York team as us Giants fans call them, are today's featured Versus team. For me, this is an easy choice. But, for you guys or you Jets fans, it may not be.

When it comes to their nickname, Gang Green, I think these uniforms which to me is the definition of Jets and Green. The color scheme and even the helmet with the word Jets with an actual Jet embedded in it says NY Jets to me. It especially said it with their home uniforms with the straight green jerseys and the white pants with green stripes down the side. These uniforms and helmets were ran from 1990-1997 before they

switched to these in 1998. Which to me doesn't say Gang Green in any way. Yeah, they are tributes to the helmets of the 60's and 70's but doesn't do the team enough justice. Too much white to me.
When it comes to cardboard however, I feel they both look okay on cardboard. But, I also don't really collect the Jets either.

What do you guys think? Which Jets uniform do you choose? Is there one not featured today you prefer instead? Thoughts in comments!

Friday, July 15, 2016


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:


I am calling this part 2 because I did this topic once a long time ago. But, with more fans now I want to see others give their input or returnees give theirs because they may differ from the first time.

What do you think, are you ok with sticker autos or do you prefer on-card?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Forgotten Places:Ichiro

This is probably one of the only times a forgotten place is one the player currently plays on.

But when we all think Ichiro, don't tell me you don't picture this....

Even as a Yankees fan I picture him in Seattle first before NY.

It's a place he played for from 2001-2012 and where he put up some incredible numbers. Then he came to NY for three years and sorta got put on the back burner, but since it was NY, you still knew his name. Now he sits in Miami where you barely hear a word about him unless the 3,000 hit talk happens.
I sometimes forget he is still in the league or even plays for them til I stumble upon a card. And even then I am like, "he plays for the Marlins???"
I am sure most of you don't feel this way but that's how I feel. Miami has been a forgotten place for many players (except a few) and as a collector I was hoping he would head back to Seattle to end his career and maybe get his 3,000th hit for them.
What do you guys think? Ichrio+Marlins? Do you agree it has been a forgotten place?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Let's Talk About Dre

It's been sometime since I last added a new piece of cardboard to my Andre Williams PC.

Well, yesterday a new one arrived thanks to a Twitter follower, my 76th different Andre and my 10th jersey card.

On Twitter, @DMNTakeover hosts a weekly sale of cards that range from many years and spread across many sports. They are all greatly priced and affordable for all, except me. Well this year anyways.

Been a tough year of finances and expenditures so when it comes to the hobby, that has been pushed off to the side when it comes to spending even a couple of dollars. So when this sweet Andre Williams popped up..
in his sales gallery, all I could do was watch it swing on by like many other cards I watch on the DMN Takeover do. Some I could have really used for my PC. But, once again, other things in life are more important right now.

This time however, Andre Williams didn't sneak all of the way by as a Twitter follower swooped in to say that he was buying it for me which completely surprised me.
@NYCollects, who is one of my newer followers, was very generous in picking this up for my PC and I am very grateful to him for doing so. Thanks again man. It's generosity like yours that keeps the hobby community a positive place and I hope to forward that generosity to someone else in the future.

Thoughts on today's card addition or generosity in the hobby is always welcomed!

Nuttin But The Hits:1994-1995 Fleer Basketball 2-Pack Break

There was no other brand name  in the 90's better than the Fleer one. They put out some very solid products for many sports that offered collectors everything that they needed.

Today's pack break was one of those. With some groovy looking inserts and base cards that capture great photographic moments, I was looking forward to busting these.

Let's see how I did.

Each pack of these 1994-1995 Fleer basketball cards had 21 cards per pack. Packs then ran $1.99 and now probably go for half if not less than that. Remember when packs were actually affordable???

Now onto my "hits". I even featured key base cards I got.

Each pack also came with an insert. I believe they were one per pack but some inserts were tougher than others.

Not a bad pull here, Rodman!
Overall, two inserts, two cheap packs and tons of memories. Can't go wrong.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sports Challenge Contest Winners!

This final week of the contest was set up to be a doozy when I switched from MLB to WNBA games. The thing was, those weren't the problem. Most scored 5 out of 6 points on those with most getting the Fever game wrong.

It was the NASCAR that took everyone down or up.

Only two contestants got a Top 5 pick right in Dennis and Ketchupman36. However, great use of points by Justin S helped him stay towards the top as well.

There is no doubt when you pick the winner of the race that you are also the winner of this race. So congrats to Ketchupman36 who will be taking home the bacon in the BCW Supplies lot.

Second place, despite Dennis getting his racer right, he didn't bid enough to surpass Justin S good use of points and so Justin S will be the second place winner. Congrats to you.

Third place was held by Dennis who was the only other person to guess a racer right and finishes in the Top 3 despite entering this complete contest late.

Justin S please give me your Top 2 card choices with number 1 being your favorite. Dennis please do the same. You can check out your prize choice on this LINK.

All of three of you please email your addresses to with the subject line, SCC Winner. You will have 72 hours on claim your prize.

Congrats to all of our winners and thanks to everyone who entered. More contests ahead!

Here is the final standings:


Adam Sanders 27 points

p - Town Tom 4 points

Justin S 32 points

Tony L. 2 points

@VOTC's 10 points

Scott N. 19 points

Tracy LeVeaux 14 points

Raz 8 points

Scott Everett 4 point

Bryan McCarter 7 point

Thomas Young 6 point

ketchupman36 85 point

Matthew Scott 28 points

The Lost Collector 12 points


Daniel Dubay 7 points

Allen Polfer 5 points

Daniel Wilson 7 points

@JGfan24ever 6 points

irondequoit36 13 points

@pgn3540 5 points

@EEFFL 4 points

Brad B 28 points

Tim Owen 8 points

michael smith 6 points

Angus 5 points

tony Ragsdale 7 points

Nick Frank 4 points

Wilson 5 points

Nachos Grande 8 points

Dennis (Seahawksfan605) 30 points

JT Woodworth 4 point

Diverse1 4 point


This card is crying out for a Caption.

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday's With Rodney:1994 Stadium Club Bowmans Best Refractor

Shiny+chromed=happy collector.

An insert as a preview of what was to come in 1995, Bowman's Best paired these two mirror images of each other on a card together. There is a regular base of these inserts that fall 1:3 packs and these parallels fall 1:12 packs.

The back of the card is pretty bland just showcasing similarities of the two.