Saturday, September 17, 2016

A TBBT #BatmanDay Mail Day

As most readers of this blog know, I am a fan of non-sport cards and ones that are especially unique. But, you also combine that with something I am a fan of, I am then completely intrigued.

The following card I got in the mail this week and one that I saved specifically to show off today, otherwise known as #BatmanDay, combines many of these things and more.

Before I show the card, let's do a small breakdown of why it's a great card to me.

First off, I have watched every episode of The Big Bang Theory and pretty much own every season. I already have the upcoming season DVR'd to go. The humor of the show and the nerd in me loves it. Also doesn't hurt that Kaley Cuoco is on the show either (if my wife reads this I apologize in advance).

Secondly, I am a huge Batman fan. Loved the original series on TV and have seen every movie except Batman vs Superman (hopefully soon even though I still question Ben Affleck as Batman).

Third, as I stated above, I am a fan and collect non-sports cards and especially unique ones. Cryptozoic has put out some pretty sweet cards with props from the shows which makes those key ones to chase.

When you combine all of those things together, I am sure there are many other reasons too, you have a mail day of epic proportions.
I mean just look at it.....
This is an authentic prop puzzle piece of Jigsaw puzzle Kaley, I mean Penny attempted to put together on the show. And if you look closer at the piece, it's what we would call in the sport card world a "Batman swatch". So looking at the overall picture (not just Kaley), this is a big winner to me.

I haven't even gotten to the best part yet, I WON this card off from Twitter! So I strongly suggest you go follow @georgenadeau (who is the developer of licensed collectibles for Cryptozoic of multiple brands)so you can attempt to win cards like this and others. He gives so many away a week and some pretty epic pieces like the one above. Not to mention, previews a ton of upcoming products so you can be ready to buy.

Thoughts on the card? What's your #BatmanDay card? Got a favorite Big Bang Theory card? 
Comment below!

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 6

Today's part of my mail day is just the kickoff to the shiny items I found in my box. As many of my readers know, my eyes are drawn to shiny objects and especially chrome ones.

First round, gold numbered to 199 refractors from Finest. Some great player Chrome purples and a Clowney, who is supposed to be much improved this year, x-factor rookie.
I thought First Pitch looked great un-chromed, but chroming them and slapping a refractor to, wow!

Military refractors from Prizm. Cano and Pedroia lead the way here.

Prizm reds from hockey.
 Another red prizm and a numbered Longoria.
And another insert from Topps I thought already looked good in the flagship took a turn for the even better in Perspectives.

I may have to chase down my missing ones to go for a set.
More shiny goodness ahead!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Breakin Wax:2016 Bowman Platinum Baseball 2-Pack Break

2016 Bowman Platinum Baseball makes it return to cardboard in 2016 after being absent in 2015. The shiny reflective cards however take a new twist as you can only find them at Walmart as I did.

I didn't have quite enough money to splurge on a blaster, but I wanted a taste of some Platinum since I have been a fan of anything Platinum since it came into the hobby. So two packs it was....

In each pack of 2016 Bowman Platinum baseball, you will find 12 cards. 5 will be prospects and more than likely an insert will pop in there to. Packs run around $5 which I thought was a good deal.

Let's take a look at pack #1
The base cards have the cool rainbow reflective foil as always catching the eye of this collector immediately. There 100 veterans and rookies to find in the base set.

Prospects and rookies have the same design as well. Rookies have the rookie logo of course. The prospects are 111 cards deep and some are Sp's. I think this helps add chase and value to these.

I will have to go and search to see if I have any

Insert/parallel time!
The Lindor is a Bowman's Next Generation (my only knock on the product is using the same design for the inserts and very small writing to differentiate it. These seem to be one-per-pack finds. The Bryant however, is a green parallel that falls 1:31 packs and is numbered to 99.

Pack #2 didn't go as well as pack one, I mean how do you beat a Bryant numbered card. Maybe a hit?
My Bowman's Next Generation find is Osuana while the Rodgers is a purple parallel that falls 1:40 packs

And a tougher pull was my last card in the pack, a Bowman's Next Generation Green parallel /99 that falls 1:101 packs
Overall, I think it's a solid buy. I have always felt that way with anything Platinum or Chrome in retail. I always feel my value is returned. Autographs are a bit of a tough pull falling at the lowest rate of 1:105, but not completely out of reach as I have pulled plenty of Platinum retail hits in the past.
Bowman Platinum of course is for certain fans and probably not for all. It's definitely for those who like to prospect even though hits are a bit tougher find. It's still fun however to find the shiny-rainbowy base prospects and rookies in packs at least for this collector who isn't always about the hits.
What are your thoughts on Bowman Platinum this year? You try any? And what do you think of a retail exclusive product?

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 5

Today's part of the mail day is a mixed bag of stuff.

We have some hockey and wrestling here:

Some NY Rangers here:

Some Olympic parallels here:

Even more hockey and a Prizm racing card.
Still have plenty of posts ahead. We are closing in on a very shiny finale!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 4

It wouldn't be a Grady mail day without throwing me in some Giants!

I don't have any of these either so that helps pad the PC some more!

Lots of new Odell pickups. Maybe I should see how many of his cards I have now.

Some shiny Gmen!

Some really slick cards here. Legends Of The Fall is a nice card along with a Certified Stars purple numbered
Another solid part of the mail day and many more exciting parts ahead!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 3

Part three of my mail day brings the heat early. The heat of a hot bat in Gary Sanchez and a chrome rookie was tops on my list, but no more now!

I think this is a great insert from Golden Age, they are USA Stamps.I think they even peel off, but I don't plan on doing that to them.

Framed parallels from Gypsy Queen including a numbered Buster Posey version.
Up next, die-cuts! My first ever Luminous.

Those are followed by my first Castro Yankees card.

And finishing it up, some numbered gold parallels and a First Pitch of Selig.

Well, this was only some of the baseball inserts. But, there were plenty of others hidden within.
Tomorrow brings part 4 so stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Love the Smell of Cardboard In My Mail Box

I recently pulled off a one card for one card trade with I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning and this arrived in my mail box yesterday. A newbie for the Randle PC making it Randle 103.
It was a quick smooth going trade and both of us were happy. I would suggest trading with him if you haven't yet and I hope we can trade again.

Thanks again for the Randle PC help I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning!

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 2

Part 2 of my mail day from reader Grady M, covers the gridiron. So glad football is back and glad to see some new football card additions.

This first group has numbered ones including one of my all-time favorite players Barry Sanders.

We continue on with some more fun inserts. The Walters is numbered to 35.

Never seen one of these. I really dig the design and the die cut.

More numbered goods. It's fun to see three of the same Petersons, but all numbered differently

Speaking of numbered, the Charles and Johnson below are mirror red parallels of the insert and are numbered to 199.

And another numbered shiny card.

And to end it, a beautiful card. Yes, so my wife doesn't glare at me I said the card was beautiful and made no reference to the girl on it :D
Some great cards mixed in here. This was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to the football inserts. But, there were plenty of others along with rookie cards too that I didn't get to post here.
Part 3 posting tomorrow, stay tuned!

Monday, September 12, 2016

2016 SCC NFL Week 1

Week 1 of the NFL is over to me, tonight's games play no role in my NFL world.

The Giants played sloppy on defense, but made the stops when they needed to in the red zone and at the end of the game to hold onto a 20-19 win and give coach McAdoo his very first win as head coach. A big one.

This guy right here lived up to his expectations making a few catches and one great snag for his first NFL TD. So glad I picked this up in a trade recently:


And the game winning TD catch, came from a guy that hadn't made a catch in almost two years due to injuries. So it was great to see and something that I know he has worked hard for so kudos to Victor Cruz for being able to dance the salsa again:


As for my Fantasy, well both of my teams lost unless Big Ben and Brown get hurt tonight or it ends in a 0-0 tie. Not a great start. 

Not much of a better start in my NFL Pick Em leagues. I am in 5 and all 5 had an average of 8 games right. Once again, not good.

So there you have it. A quick Week one recap. The Giants play the Saints next week and I fear what Drew Brees is going to bring so I am hopeful the defense can step up their game a bit more. As do I hope to step up my game a bit more in my NFL Pick Em picks and make some changes to my Fantasy Teams.

How did your Week 1 go?

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 1

It doesn't seem that long ago when I posted 10 days worth of goodies I received in a box from Sport Card Collectors reader, Grady M.

Well, once again he filled my mail box with another signature box full of insert goodies.

I forgot to post the box size, but it was huge. And just like last time I am not able to post it all but instead will post some key pieces. But believe me, this box was loaded with Yankees, Giants, inserts from all sports and tons of shiny options.

Today, I am kicking it off with some mini's and some basketball cards.

Some nice inserts from Threads with some top all star players.

Up next, mini mania. He usually packs at least 50-100 mini's in a penny sleeve and sneaks them in towards the bottom of the box. Sometime I need to see where I am at for a mini set.
These mini's cover, Allen&Ginter, Gypsy Queen and Goodwin Champions and Golden Age.

And even a couple of mini numbered cards.
Overall, a good way to kick off another great Grady M mail day. More posts to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ozzie Albies Mail Day

For the first time in awhile, my mail box actually contained something yesterday. I not only got that surprising mail day from @JGfan24ever I shared yesterday, but I also got my mail day from Sports Card Info from a recent contest he held.

First off, he threw in this really cool piece of sport card blogger memorabilia. This will be displayed with my Rodney Hampton sketch card from Baseball Card Breakdown

And here is the main prize. Ozzie Albies rookie jersey auto from Bowman Inception. I don't know much about prospects, but I do like to prospect lol. What does that mean, I basically try to get a rookie card of everyone I can. If they are an auto, jersey or auto jersey, it's a bonus.

But, I did hear from a friend yesterday that this guy could be the Braves starting 2nd baseman next year but did recently just get hurt. So who knows. Either way, solid looking card other than his sloppy auto.
A really nice mail day from Sports Card Info and a huge thanks goes out to him for it. I also appreciate the bonus!
If you haven't checked out his blog, he has some unique segments like Pin-Up Of The Week (it's not what you are thinking it may be), good reviews and a always a card of the day post. Not to mention, weekly contests that are very easy to enter.

NYG Week Part 7:The $85 Million Dollar Man

When I busted my box of Donruss a few weeks ago, the one base card I wanted the most was of the Giants prize landing in the offseason, Mr. $85 Million Dollar man, Olivier Vernon.
His preseason rocked and I can't wait til he hits the field today vs Dallas. Hopefully he will take Prescott down a few times as that is what he was paid to do. With his speed rush alongside JPP (who seems to be better now with a year after the finger incident) the Giants defense seems destined for big things. 
But, today, will tell a story on how big and far they might go with a high-powered offense playing them.

Also, today is September 11th. I would like to remind everyone to take a minute in remembrance for those who were lost on that tragic day and for those who are still risking their lives today (and those who may have lost them) because of that day.