Saturday, January 7, 2017

Griffey's New Number, 23

Like I stated last week, when it comes to Ken Griffey Jr collectors, we are all family. We want to help each other out when we can and that's exactly what Griffey collector @ryanwsawyer24 on Twitter did.....AGAIN.

In his last mailing, he added my first game used baseball card of The Kid, this time, he added another new memorabilia card I have been looking to have and a lot of other goodies. 

I will admit before you read on and view the images that my camera didn't do the best this time capturing the pure goodness here. But, I hope you can see them well anyways.

First up, Star. Very yellow like a bus. I don't own a single one of their cards. Also added my first sportflix of Ken other than a checklist.

A few more oddballs in this group I haven't seen before. It's always good to knock those off the list.

Classic with a design I can only picture would be used in the beginning theme song of Saved By The Bell. Especially the 1990 yellow one.

The Moeller card I really liked. Classic shot of Ken's famous smile.

Pacific card from Ken's milk chocolate bar line. I wonder what those actually tasted like. All I know is companies saw something good and promoted it to no end.

And we reach the memorabilia card I have really been wanting to add, a game used glove. This one is a batting glove. REALLY COOL! Upper Deck was the king of baseball card innovation!

A big thanks goes out to @Ryansawyer24 again for his generosity in helping make my Griffey collection a bit bigger with these 23 new adds. Yes, that's how I got the title for this post haha. I really appreciate it! Go follow him if you haven't yet and see his Griffey journey as he tweets!

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  1. Great stuff! but yeah, that relic card pic is a bit dark.. I'm sure it's a nice one in-hand.