Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hobby Resolutions 2017

It's that time of year again, time to make New Years resolutions. Hopefully some that I can stick to, at least hobby wise even though weight loss is always on the top of everyone's regular list no matter your shape and size. So that may be on top of my regular one............again.

Anyways, here is my "I hope to stick to and focus on" Hobby Resolutions of 2017.
  1. Finish my Seasons 5-8 Psych Autograph set (this is the top of list knowing how close I am)
  2. Add more cards to my Griffey collection, at least 100
  3. Add more cards to my Hampton collection, at least 50
  4. Continue posting once a day on here with some new ideas mixed in
  5. Get my HUGE box sorting project complete
  6. Sort my binders or start to
  7. Highlight and complete my Griffey checklist
And that's gotta be it. That alone is a lot to tackle and I hope I can stick to it.
What are some of your hobby resolutions for 2017?


  1. I think my #1 hobby resolution will be to continue blogging on a regular basis. Happy New Year!

  2. That is a great list and I want to see you add to your girffwy list and also post some of the griffey collection. Being born in the early '82, chasing Griffey RCs with my Dad was my true introduction to card collecting.
    I have a decent Jose Fernandez PC and he was the only player I truly coveted last 2 years or so. My new years resolution is to find that magic with a new player. Going to be hard though as I was all in on JoFer being the cats pajamas at the end of what should have been a long historic career.