Saturday, January 28, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: Reader Mail Day II

Today's mail day Saturday is Part 2 of a long mini series of mail days I received from my buddy and Sport Card Collector's reader Grady M.

Today, Grady used the force on me and sent me some spiffy Star Wars cards for my PC. I haven't busted and Star Wars in years but these chrome cards are pretty slick. If I was to bust any, this is definitely where I would start.

Inserts here including Han Solo and R2D2.

Parallels! These refractors look so cool! Just wished they had shown more on my post. The Finn one with the lightsaber looks wicked in the refractor form.
Much much more to come from this mail day and many others I have gotten in the last month. I am really far behind but that's okay, who knows how many mail days down the road I will get for this series??
Thoughts on today's mail day are welcomed!

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