Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Griffey Generosity Project Experience

One of the cooler ideas in the hobby was just recently launched, the project is called, The Griffey Generosity Project.

This project was started by famous The Junior Junkie who has one of the biggest and best Griffey collections I have seen. He details more about the project HERE if you haven't heard about it.

I was fortunate enough to be the first one to see what the project is all about. It's actually a pretty simple concept. Take what you need, put in your own of what you don't such as your doubles. The point of the project is to help yourself and others build up their Griffey collections.

It's also a much cheaper way of adding to your collection as you only pay for shipping the box forward and unload those doubles you may not have anywhere else to go with.

So let's take a further look at the project.

Here is the outside of the box. It is well decorated with M's and Reds and other baseball related stickers.

The inside cover contains The Junior Junkie's contact info and a paper about the project and a place to make comments and let others know where the box has been.
Under that cover I decided to stick this there as a welcoming face to what's underneath.

Then under that, boom!! Lot's of Junior to be had. I wished I had taken a picture before I started to sort them a bit. I still need to add a few of mine in. I don't have as many as I would hope to add due to the fact I usually send off my doubles into trades most of the time without the person knowing. I guess it's my calling card. But, I still am adding what I have into the project as that's what it's all about, giving back to the Griffey collecting community.
I hope the box will be ready soon to move onto the next collector who I have alerted and let The Junior Junkie know about. The holidays put a delay on me looking through the box and digging out my doubles. I will say however, the box was quite helpful for my collection filling in a few gaps and I will show off my Top 10 favorite card adds from the box at a later date.
A big thanks to The Junior Junkie for letting me experience this first. I think this project is an excellent idea and I look forward to seeing how many Griffey collectors it reaches and how much it helps everyone. I know how close this Griffey collecting community is and that everyone will do their part to help each other out.


  1. TJ is an awesome guy and really is a big part to the blogsphere.

  2. Awesome concept! Sucks postage rates keep rising, because it'd be great to get lots of living collection-helpers like this circulating.