Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday's With Rodney:1995 Mystery Finest Iridescent Laminate Proof

Like I said a week or two ago, I got an eBay gift card for Christmas and wanted to put it to good use. One of those uses was to pad my Rodney Hampton Collection more. But, not just pad it with base even though there are still plenty of needs, but pad it with unique one of a kind cards which this is exactly what today's card is.

It not only doesn't appear on my checklist, but it's something I hadn't even heard of before. I found a unique seller on eBay who had a bunch of cool cards like this. I picked this one up along with a few other unique ones.

Here in his words is what this card is..

" This is an extremely rare proof card. It is from the 1995 Topps Mystery Finest insert set. But it is just the top plastic (laminate) layer of the card and is see through. I have pics of both the front and back below so you can see.

I used the term "iridescent" as it isn't a regular, clear plastic, but not quite a refractor finish either. Somewhere in between. It's similar in appearance to the Fan Favorites inserts, but with a green hue, not a pink one. But that style is similar to the reflective surface of these proof cards. They are standard card size."
It came exactly as he described and because I picked up four different ones, I was able to make an offer in which he accepted gladly. 

This card is one of the cooler ones in my Hampton collection now and marks Hampton #437.

So what do you guys think of today's card? Pretty cool?


  1. Very cool. What are the three others you picked up?

    1. Stay tuned! Posting over the next 3 weeks :)