Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why I don't Watch Basketball, But Collect The Cards

In this new segment, I take a look at sports I don't watch anymore or maybe haven't at all. As the title states, I give you reasons why I don't watch it, but still collect cards from it.

The NBA in the 90's growing up was awesome. I spent countless hours watching every game the Knicks were broadcasted on NBC. My family couldn't afford cable, so we could only watch what the "make shift" satellite signal would give us.

Names like Starks, Ewing, Houston, Johnson and Oakley were my type of Knicks to watch The words STARKS FOR THREE made me stand on my feet in excitement and every year the Knicks were in the running to try and give Patrick Ewing that ring he so desperately deserved.

The competition was also so fierce when they played their biggest rivals, Bulls with MJ, Pacers with Miller and especially the Miami Heat with Alonzo that led to many bench clearings. It was the kinda stuff that kept your attention all throughout the season and playoffs.

The game in the 90's was the best it ever was in my opinion and had the best player to ever take the court playing in Jordan. I will say this again, there will never be another MJ.

Fast forward to today, the Knicks are a joke and have been since the early 2000's with signing overpriced free agents that don't pan out and simply not looking like a team. The game has changed drastically that even teams that are 10 games under .500 can make the playoffs. There are no big rivalry games anymore, only a few teams load up on good players and make championship runs leading to no parity. The bad teams are always expected to be the bad teams and the good the good.

Pretty lame.

I have tried to watch a game but just couldn't handle it. The players efforts seem to be lacking as well. Nobody wants to chase down an offensive rebound it seems because they pull up and take a shot then go back to play defense. How about aggressively going after your missed shot?????? Believe me, there were many in a few games I tried to watch.

But enough with my complaints about the game. I could go on for awhile.

The cards are still worth collecting to me. I still try to chase down the top rookies of today at least to have one of each. Unique memorabilia cards are nice additions as well. Of course anything in redractor/shiny form too. I mainly chase down the cards from the late 90's with the cool inserts of players I liked to watch and of course MJ. He was a player I couldn't stand back then being a Knicks fan after seeing many defeats, but appreciate now because of what he had brought to the game.

I have also targeted my favorite Knicks of the 90's in today's products with memorabilia cards and autographs. So far I only have an auto of Houston, but still want an autograph of Ewing and especially Starks. Maybe even an Oakley at some point. I do have a few memorabilia cards of Ewing as well.

So what do you think? Do you watch basketball and collect the cards? Do you not watch it like me but still collect? Do you watch and don't collect? Or do you not even look at either? Let me know in comments!


  1. I think you know my views on the sport :) Don't let the mismanagement of the Knicks deter you from the entire sport. The Knicks are horribly run...and it's cost them so much, and still continues to do so. I really wish they would get rid of Phil Jackson, because he's hurt the team more than anyone has in years. If you are looking for rivalries look at: Warriors-Cavaliers, Warriors-Thunder, Celtics-Wizards, Clippers-Referees, Clippers-Warriors, Bulls-other Bulls, Blazers-Warriors, DeMarcus Cousins-media, and so many more. In my opinion the game is as good now as it's been since before the first lockout. Offensive rebounding is a problem, but that's been a problem for years. The teams that win often are the teams that get the offensive rebounds, yet the other coaches don't seem to figure that out.

    1. I have tried to watch some of the big games like Cavs - Warriors but just wasn't sold on the game still. Kevin Durant choosing the Warriors to play on instead of sticking with the Thunder bothered me as well. The rich got richer. The whole LeBron and Miami Heat thing was awful to. I just see the same teams winning all the time and the same losing.

      I agree on Phil Jackson better as a coach. It's not only the overpriced players they sign, but the terrible coaching decisions since letting VanGundy go. He was my favorite. They hire the see former players of the last 10 years that have no clue. The Dantoni hire was terrible as well.

      But I still really enjoy collecting the cards, just don't think I can watch ever again lol.

    2. I think NBA cards are hurting a little to with the pack of MJ and LeBron autos. Not to mention now Simmons. Upper Deck holds the cards, it makes you wonder if they will make a move on the license

    3. I'm curious about that as well...The Panini license expires after this season, and the new CBA changed the licensing from the NBA itself to the player's union having control. I asked the union on Twitter but was ignored.

    4. It will be interesting. I like Panini products, but I like UD too. I think Upper Deck has a lot in their court. See what I did there. With some of their holding power on popular players they could very well pull this out. That may up my NBA card interests even more if MJ and Lebron autos are in products again.

  2. Since the Sonics left town, I try to support the NBA as little as possible. Although I will admit I did recently buy a couple backs of this year's Prizm.

  3. I watched some of the Finals last year, mainly to see the Cavs win it since I have family in that area. Any other times, I don't really follow it at all. The only basketball cards I actively collect are Cincinnati Royals cards and maybe the occasional LeBron card here and there.

  4. I've never watched basketball, but am usually aware of the players just from sports news, etc. When my local Wizards made the playoffs a couple years ago, I tuned in for a few games, but I don't understand the game enough to enjoy it. For years, I've been trying to grasp what "foul to give" and the "possession arrow" is.
    I used to hate the college game because it interfered with pro football coverage. I've only watched March Madness because I like filling out the chart.
    Out of all my thousands of cards, I have one singluar binder of hoops. It has two sets - 1979-80 Topps (somehow had some since they were new) and 1990-91 Fleer that I put together because I recognized so many names.
    I've been thinking of putting together some Wizards team sets, or maybe just collecting jerseys or autos, but the players turn over so much from year to year that I haven't ever settled on a list.

  5. I'm with you on the 90s being the best time for the sport, at least in my lifetime so far. I'm fond of the days where a Pacers/Knicks matchup meant something.

    With the young stars in the game right now, for me I find I will tune in to watch individuals rather than teams. For example I've been watching the 76ers recently because of the emergence of Joel Embiid, not because I necessarily want to watch the 76ers.

    I tend to focus on cards from the 90s and early 2000s for my collection, but I will also pick up recent Pacers and inserts that catch my eye. I enjoy opening packs and boxes as much as anyone, but budget wise I can really only justify opening the occasional packs of Donruss, Hoops and Prizm type products that can be found in the Walmarts and Targets. I don't feel like I get enough out of the 1 pack 10 card type boxes to purchase them.