Friday, January 27, 2017

Wrappers Of Collecting Past:1994-1995 Topps Series 2 Basketball

1994-1995 Topps Series 2 basketball for me meant a Grant Hill chase. Each series came with 198 cards and Grant Hill to me was the most important rookie of that class so Series 2 was the way I went.

I also was fond of the Spectra Light parallels. Those looked pretty sharp. The base set in general, wasn't great, but the parallels definitely improved it.

How about you, got an fond memories of this product? What were you chasing?


  1. I have not opened a pack of this set since probably 1998. I had forgotten what it even looked like. Cool!

  2. '94-'95 Topps and '94-'95 Fleer were two products that I opened a ton of during my early collecting years. I probably did more Fleer than Topps, though, probably because it was more available in my area. Those cards had like the worst combination ever of bad foiling on the front and chipping on the back. The Topps cards from that year were pretty sweet, though.