Monday, February 27, 2017

Iconic Childhood Designs Part 3:1996-1997 Stadium Club Basketball

One of my favorite stops as a child was the local pharmacy store. I know that this sounds weird, but I also haven't mentioned yet that they carried sports cards.

Those were the days. Remember when pretty much every where sold sports cards. If only that was today as my only options now are online or Walmart.

Anyways, even though a lot of places sold sports cards locally, only the pharmacy had the 1996-1997 Stadium Club basketball I desperately craved.

The design was pretty simple, but eye appealing. The players named were embossed with a rainbow shine. A team color ran down the side with the name and as always with Stadium Club, photography took over. The subsets had lots of foil and looked great as well. It was more about the base design for me.
Here is a short gallery of an eye-appealing look at these and some comments by me for each as well.

B.J. is ready to defend!

Calbert with the two-handed slam! (insert Marv Alberts voice)

Stacey over two defenders!

Geiger standing tall over all the rest.

I couldn't let this gallery end without tossing in one of my favorite Knicks of course!
I also busted these because I was in the middle of my Kobe Bryant hunt looking for anything with his name on it. I did manage to pull a couple of rookie inserts of him that stayed in my collection for years before my dad claimed them when I moved out. The inserts overall in the product were really solid with lots of shiny and tough pulls.

When I was going through my sorting project, I found the ones above along with a few others I held onto over the years that took me back to those trips to the pharmacy and pulling a pack out of the display case and running out to the car to look for my favorite players and Bryant. 
This is what this segment is all about, those iconic childhood designs that bring back those memories.

So does 1996-1997 Stadium Club have any meaning to you? Did you ever buy cards from the pharmacy? What are your thoughts on the design overall and if you bought some, what was your best pull? Let me know in comments!


  1. This is the first time I've ever seen 96-97 Stadium Club. I was collecting during this time as a kid but my focus was on 96-97 Collector's Choice. The set has the most meaning for me during that time

  2. I bought cards all over the place when I was younger, mostly at department stores or grocery stores. I was limited to whatever they had on hand, so usually it was your basic Topps, Fleer, or Collector's Choice product. There were hobby shops around, too, so I could go there if I wanted something else. But usually I just wound up buying the same cheap stuff that was available at retail. I bought Beckett Basketball Magazine every month at the grocery store.

    1. Sadly for me they didn't sell Becketts anywhere except the card shows when we had them. I had to subscribe. Now there no card shows and Becketts can be found at Walmart

  3. One of my all-time favorite sets. I ranked it #6 when I did a top 20 countdown last year. I wrote a lot about it then including scans of each of the inserts I have in my collection.

    1. I will have to check this out. It truly is a great set

  4. I only opened a pack or two of this when it came out. I didn't have a pharmacy; I had a grocery store that sold cards next to the batteries. They carried Skybox, not Stadium Club. But I've always thought this set was absolutely gorgeous. As is the norm for Stadium Club, the photography is great, and the name bar on the side is nicely colored, easy to read, and has that nice touch of being raised.

    1. May be my next chase after I am done with EX. But that will take me awhile I think