Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: I had A Breakdown Over A Webster Auto!

A few weeks back, I sent my buddy over at Baseball Card Breakdown a surprise package that wasn't so much a surprise as it got delayed in the mail and I checked to see with him inf it had gotten lost. But, the intention was there.

Anyways, he sent me back a pretty cool exchange for it this week.
A new Maris here I didn't have. Didn't get too much into Classics and only busted one box but I am always glad to add cards from it.

Odell. Cool looking card and surprisingly didn't have it.

Hmmmm maybe the start of an Eli Manning rainbow...of course those Supers are really tough to land.

And my first Corey Webster auto. Not sure why I never added one of him but glad I have one now. I am also pretty sure Packers fans and Brett Favre will never forget his name. #interception #Overtime #NFCChamps #SuperBowlChamps
A big thanks goes out to Baseball Card Breakdown for the mail day. Much appreciated. I have begun setting stuff aside for you for next time so watch your mail box. Hopefully this time a surprise will be a surprise...

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  1. Glad you like! I'm running out of Giants for you.. I'll try to restock a bit at the next card show.