Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: Project Pedro Blog Trade PT 1

As I have stated a few times this year so far, I am a tad behind on posting some cool stuff I have picked up in a variety of trades and mail days. But, I am really excited for the direction of this blog with the current segment setups I started at the beginning of the year, which only allows me one day a week to post a mail day. So I will probably be behind for awhile as I have a few trade posts to put up along with some more Grady M reader mail day posts. Not to mention, the fun stuff I picked up myself.

So I decided today I will take a break from the Grady M reader mail day posts and get my latest trade with Project Pedro blog posted. This trade will be in two parts as you guys have read in the past that he and I pull off some pretty epic trades that I can't just show off in one post.

Today, I am focusing on the biggest lot of cards from the trade and will show off the Top 5 cards I acquired next week.

Up first,  new group of Eli's for the Giants PC. The Unparalleled is pretty cool.

Tiki, Sinorice swatch, Giffords and Simms grouping.

A couple of swingin' new Griffey adds.

Carmen Electra shiny card that's numbered. Pretty....

And some Knicks. Yup, I went against my norm and traded for some NY Knicks just because he was looking to unload some basketball and I just felt like adding a few cards.

I am always a fan of these. Gotta love basketball relics.

Letterman! Not sure if these will help me spell out Sport Card Collectors, but I am always in the market for these no matter what. Henderson not the worst addition either.

I thought this was really cool. It's Spx, Knicks and Patrick Ewing Jr. Just too bad he didn't fill his father's shoes and instead was a flop.Knowing pops was one of my favorite All-Time Knicks, I thought this was a nice addition just to say I have one. Ewing Jr is currently Georgetown's director of basketball operations.

And speaking of pops.....
A solid start of showings in this mail day. There were other cards included to but I just focused it onto a few so I wouldn't have to make this longer than a two-series post.
Stay tuned for next weeks Top 5 cards I got from this trade. Some pretty cool additions including a rarity from the 90's.

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