Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: Ryan Griffey Bombs Me AGAIN!

Like I stated twice on here already, when it comes to Ken Griffey Jr collectors, we are all family. We want to help each other out when we can and that's exactly what Griffey collector @ryanwsawyer24 on Twitter did for a THIRD TIME!
This time he padded my collection with 12 more new ones making my Griffey Jr total to 1,038 different.
Up first, some numbered Spx and a couple 90's cards I needed.

Crown Royale. Who doesn't love these die-cuts??!!

Some Fleer and one of my favorite designed cards in the Sp holoview.

I feel a SHOCKWAVE whooooooaaaaa. Love it!

Interesting trio put on this card with Lofton and Grissom with Ken, but cool foil card.

I absolutely fell out of my desk chair over this numbered Amazing Greats card. Wow, such a beauty!

And for a extra surprise measure, my first Victor Cruz Crown Royale rookie. This is one I have wanted for awhile. The other is the Plates and Patches rookie auto.
A huge thanks goes out to @ryansawyer24 for this sick mail day. I have a card to mail you at some point so keep an eye out. I really appreciate your generosity and strongly suggest everyone go hunt him down on Twitter and hit that follow button. 

Next week I hope to go back to the reader Grady M mail day posts as I still have many of those to do.


  1. Nice Griffeys! I absolutely love that Amazing Greats set too.

  2. Nice selection of Griffey cards. The Crown Royale is cool, Pacific was one of my favorites.