Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Dealing And Winning

For the second week in a row, you are well treated to a Mail Day Saturday double feature. I could had posted Part 2 of my Project Pedro Blog mail day, but I will let Part 1 sink in for the week to build up to part 2 next Saturday.

Instead, I am posting another latest trade and a contest win.

Up first, a contest win from Sports Card Info blog. He was hosting a contest for a Leaf Limited auto rookie of Giant Clint Sintim. Sintim's promising career was cut short due to an ACL injury which I know all to familiar. He is currently a LB coach at Delaware.

A big thanks goes out to Sports Card Info for the card and contest. If you haven't checked him out yet, please do. Weekly contests, cool segments and reviews.
Up next, this was technically my first Pete Rose auto card and it came in a trade I did with @Ryansawyer24 a few weeks ago. This one is different than another I just acquired. This ink is black and the photo is different so it goes well with my other one.
 A big thanks goes out to @Ryansawyer24 for the trade and I look forward to future deals with you.

Thoughts on either card in this edition of Mail Day Saturday are welcomed in comments!

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