Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:New Trader, Awesome Results

It's always fun to meet new trader buddies through really trusted trader buddies. Sometimes I won't always trade still, I guess you can call me paranoid about taking risks, but most of the time I will just because of association.

When Project Pedro blog contacted me about joining a Fantasy Baseball League with him, he sent me to @Jake1725 just to discuss me signing up for the league. But, one thing led to another and we discussed trading cards and within a few days, we made a trade. It was quite impressive how fast things went.

And when I did get the   mail day, he completely blew me away.

Out of 20 Griffey's he sent, only 4 were doubles which helped increase my Griffey overall to 1,054 different ones.
The card here at top left I have never seen a Limited Edition of before. I own the regular issue that I got from a Griffey Plaque, but not this one. Cool add.

Love the Tribute and it's rainbow shine!

Two new relic adds. The medallion is awesome!

Got Wood?? This card does. I have never seen a bat swatch so big up close.

Saw a Yankee, wanted the Yankee. I don't really know who he is, but it could be someone someday.

And finally, a couple of Pete Rose's. My first Rose auto card, funny part of this story is I got another a day later and will post next week) and a sick Pete Rose Prizm orange die cut /60. He may not be in the Hall Of Fame, but he is an iconic baseball player that should be.
Overall, I was left speechless and still am. A huge thanks goes out to @Jake1725 for this incredible trade and I hope we can do more trades down the road. If you have any Inception autograph cards that you no longer want, hit him up on Twitter for a trade. He is a big-time collector of the product and I can promise your trade won't disappoint. Just look at mine.

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  1. So glad you liked the trade my friend! I can honestly say we both walked away VERY pleased with the results!