Friday, February 10, 2017

Nothing Says Football Like This Design

It seems like the more I dig into my sorting project, the more things I find I had forgotten about that reminds me of why I loved collecting in the 90's so much.

One of them is obviously the card designs. One of the best I had forgotten about came from 1999 Upper Deck Ovation football.

Upper Deck Ovation was a brand that ran for a few years across multiple sports with unique textured designs like this one, but I don't think any of them matched the inaugural football edition. 

I mean what says football more than this. A Wilson football in the background, that's embossed to feel like one (I tried to use a little extra light in my pictures to bring out the embossing) and a featured player in the forefront. The only thing that may say football better than this is probably action packed shots. I don't think this design would allow action packed shots to be added as well and that's okay because this design is as perfect as it needs to be.

See here:

Sadly however, this is the only three cards I own from it. I can't remember if these were from a pack or if I picked them up along the way. But, this is definitely a set I would like to chase down some day.

What are your thoughts on this design? One of the best football ones ever? It's okay? Baseball or basketball have better ones from Ovation? 

Leave your comments below!

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  1. I definitely prefer these to the die cut cards in the shape of the ball like Fleer Hardball used to make, I have a few from Ovation baseball and enjoy the textured design. Thanks!