Monday, February 20, 2017

Reminiscing 90's:1996 TY Beanie Baby Scoop The Pelican

As promised, the winning return of Reminiscing 90's is back.

This time around for the segment, I decided to do away with the card portion and just focus on the featured item at hand and what memorable moments were happening in the 90's on this day and based on the year of the item.

There were many trends and fads in the 90's but none bigger to me than collecting TY Beanie Babies. Card shops, card shows and even roadside setups had them for sale or trade. They had actually become so popular, that even card collectors like myself had to take a little dive and find some.

The plastic pellet stuffed animals came out in 1993 but didn't begin to get hot til 1995 where they took over til 1999 when the trend died down some. They did come back in 2000 due to some demand and still are continuing today. However, it's not even close to as popular as it was from 95-99.

Just like with cards, the made some of these tough to find and rare variations to others which made the toy even more popular as collectors were looking to chase down those one-of-a kinds. One of the supposed most valuable bears is the Princess The Bear that commemorated Princess Diana and had the proceeds from each sale donated to her fund.

The TY I present you today comes from 1996. It's not rare and can be found pretty easily. I acquired it a few summers ago in a yard sale that came with a bunch of them for $5. I saw the price and couldn't say no. You know, helps reminisce.
Alright, let's take a look back to 1996 near February 20th and see what else was hot.
Day Of The Week:Tuesday
President:Bill Clinton
Popular Song:One Sweet Day By Mariah Carey
Popular Movie: Bottle Rocket
Popular Book:The Rain Maker By John Grisham
Popular TV Show: Remember WENN 
Popular Video Game:Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds
Thoughts on today's item or any of the memorable things listed above are welcomed in comments!


  1. I think that's actually a pelican. I'm a huge fan of seagulls. That is not one, lol. I wonder if you have a rare error with the wrong tag? I have a few of these around somewhere. My mom would bring them home sometimes if she liked them, I remember a moose.

    1. Nope. the only error here was my typo lol. Thanks for correcting me. Late night posting haha

  2. Haha, I remember my mom was part of a phone tree. She'd get a call when Hallmark was going to get a shipment in and we'd all be there when the store opened, grabbing up the latest and greatest!

  3. Never heard of Bottle Rocket or Remember WENN... but One Sweet Day was the jam back in the day.