Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Seeing Double

During my big sorting project, that is currently still ongoing, I have found some interesting cards along the way and noticed things along the way as well.

Today's post I found myself seeing double.

When I was sorting through a stack of basketball, I found two Michael Beasley cards that were one after the other and I was like, man, those cards look the same. Well, they somewhat are.

I have seen others point this out before and for the first time I am seeing it first-hand, the usage of the same photos but in different products.

I couldn't decide before if it bothered me or not, but now seeing it first hand.....I don't like it.
I know early on in the season it may seem to be the faster way to put a player in a new uniform or to help pump out some products quickly, but I would rather wait a little longer and see a new photo of the player rather than the same one I saw one product ago. Especially in products like the ones above that don't use in-game shots and have a white background. This goes for any sport.
The Beasley's are also photos from what appears to be a photo shoot, but I have also seen in-game doubles from other sports. If anything, they could have taken a few images of Beasley at this shoot and used a different photo in the other product. When it comes to in-game shots, there should be no excuse for why there isn't different images even if from the same game.

So what do you guys think? Re-use of photos in different products bother you? Are you okay with it? At what point are you okay or not okay with photos being used like this? Let me know in comments!


  1. It really doesn't bother me all brands do it especially if it's in the same year. So no it really doesn't bother me.

  2. It's almost like having another set of parallels for a card when they use the same photo. I don't care much for it, personally, as I think it shows there are too many products for them to pay a lot of individual attention to each.

  3. I bought a few packs of NBA Hoops. One of the cards picked up was Derrick Rose, holding his Knicks jersey. Ok, cool. Bought a pack of Donruss Basketball a month ago. Got a Derrick Rose. Same picture. Haven't bought a pack since.