Monday, February 13, 2017

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!:World Series 2003

Well, some of you asked and now you will all receive. The newest round of What's In The Box is here!

New box, new items. This is a handcrafted box was something I made  in graded school. Nothing fancy, but the only thing I have ever made. I am far from a handyman, ask my sports I know it. Ask my to put a nail in the wall, watch out.
Anyways this box has been hoarding some items over the years, assumingly all sports, and I stumbled upon it recently so let's take a dig. 

Today's item is a paper Post Card that's from Radio Shack focusing on the 2003 World Series. One, that I wished I could forget as the Florida Marlins took down the heavily favored NY Yankees in six games.

I can't remember how I got these, maybe I swung in or maybe they arrived in the mail, not sure, but a pretty cool MLB authenticated item none-the-less.

Here is the front:
The back:
A closer look at the back with the MLB authentication sticker.
Thoughts today's return of What's In The Box?! and the item I found today is welcomed in comments.

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