Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why I don't Watch UFC, But Collect The Cards

In the first of this series, I discussed why I don't watch the NBA anymore but still collect the cards.

Today, is a bit different of a sport, UFC. I can't say I have ever watched a match. I just have absolutely no interest in doing so and same goes for boxing. Watching someone annihilate another person til they are down just doesn't do it for me. I will say though, these athletes have gotta be some of the toughest ones out there..

However, collecting UFC cards does do it for me.

Most of the time, On-card autographs

and the sometimes colorful fighter worn relics add some flair to cards.

I think even a few years ago as a unique finding in boxes, Topps came out with fighter used mouth guards. That's stinkin' sweet.


So as you can see, I like collecting the cards, just don't think I could ever watch the sport itself.

How bout you guys? Big UFC fans? Collect the cards? Just watch but don't collect? Collect but don't watch? You do both? Let me know in comments!


  1. I collect and watch MMA, Ryan Bader is one of my PCs. I actually have a created a complete Ryan Bader checklist that I have on my blog.

  2. I go through phases where I watch MMA. Was a huge fan of guys like Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, and GSP about 10-12 years ago. Then I started following guys like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Jose Aldo. These days... I'll watch the big fights. I might attend Bellator 172 this Saturday if I can get my hands on free/cheap tickets. Fedora Emelianenko... one of the greatest heavyweights of all-time... is fighting. I'm looking also forward to watching the Daniel Cormier fight in April. He trains right down the street from me.

    As for collecting... I've picked up cards of fighters I like over the years. Most recently... a Cormier autograph. But I've never actually busted a box of UFC cards. Yet.

  3. I'm like you, in that I can't stand to watch the sport. Same goes with boxing and wrestling as well to a lesser degree. The only cards I might pick up are the attractive women that I used to see every now and then on Total Divas. But even that has become too over the top for my tastes.

  4. It's too savage for me. One of those sports that's a lot more fun to do (if you're winning) than to watch.

  5. Like GCA, I don't watch it, but wouldn't mind adding cards to my collection of bad-ass attractive women, like Ronda Rousey.

  6. I watch the fights and collect the cards. I enjoy collecting cards of fighters who I've seen in a UFC event. At the moment I probably watch and collect more UFC than any other sport. As baseball and NASCAR take off that will probably balance out a little.

  7. I am a massive, long time MMA fan dating back to UFC 9. I used to work for a video store that would get in the tapes and got hooked. Fast forward to 2008 when newly reincarnated Donruss introduced the Ring Kings subset and I was hooked. Then came the fever behind the low-print run 2009 Topps Round 1, the inclusion of fighter autographs in 2009 UD Prominent Cut almost as filler, Leaf's run of products and the sad digression back to Topps being the only game in town. I have a very substantial Cowboy Cerrone PC, with smaller PCs of Faber, Guida and Leben alongside some single significant auto pickups like Rousey and McGregor at super cheap prices. I love watching the sport, DVR every event on free TV and stay up late for select events that I'm particularly motivated to see (if you need a streaming site, I've got a good one) and collecting the cards is an added bonus. This last Museum release was surprisingly satisfying after several pretty boring efforts in a row from Topps, but as long as they have their existing redemption policy I refuse to bust their product. Great topic!

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