Monday, March 20, 2017

Another Blog? I Know, I Know...

I know what you all are thinking, here he goes again creating another blog that will just sit there and collect internet dust with a rare new post.

Well, I think this time will be different.

My new blog is called SNAGGING CARDBOARD and it's a specific blog just for my NY Giants collecting. You all know as dedicated readers how much I am passionate about that.

That's why I think this time will be different. My passion is strong for this one. That had a Star Wars feel didn't it?

I also really like my layout and design on the blog. I have four posts ready to be read on there with many more in drafts. Please read the first post so you know what to expect of the blog and whether you would want to follow or add it to your blogroll. I hope you do anyways :)

Stay tuned for new posts on there as I put myself a few posts ahead on here so I can focus on some posts for the new blog. It should be all new content!

Hope everyone has a great day! And thanks for reading!


  1. I'll put it on my blogroll. What I'd really like to know is how you got the Followers feature. I cannot get that for my Nets blog at all, and it's broken on my main blog...

    1. I went to more gadgets and searched followers. It popped up.

      Thanks for adding it

  2. NO not another blog to follow! Oh alright but just this once, just because I might be able to see some cool Eli Manning cards, or maybe some blast from the past. Good luck with the new blog. It is looking nice.

    1. Thanks! Thanks for following! I am sure Eli will make a few appearances. Starting tomorrow