Thursday, March 23, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 2:2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America Vol. 2

You witnessed Volume 1 yesterday with the baseball player portion of 2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America, but to me that was only a third of the slice of pie.

Today, we take a look at cards 51-115. Well, not all of them. Some to give you an idea of what this set was made of.

Yes, baseball is known to most as America's Game, but there is so much more of America that this product covers. Cards 51-132 covers Courage, Innovations, Perseverance, and American Treasures that wraps up and shows us how great America truly is.

Cards that showcase Courage from wars battled like Vietnam and the Gulf War
And courageous people such as Rosa Parks and Buzz Aldrin.
Innovations such as crayons and
 innovators such as the great Thomas Edison make an appearance in here as well.

Perseverance like the Statue Of Liberty and Battle Of Midway make their appearance as well.

And American Treasures such Mt.Rushmore and of course Bazooka Joe, it is a Topps product, make an appearance as well.

Like I said, this set has a lot to offer and a lot of fun to view. Not to mention a lot of proud history.
Up next in the set is.......oh....I won't blow it. Come back for Volume 3 tomorrow!
Thoughts on Volume 2 are welcomed in comments below.

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